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The most comfortable, soft and sensitive condoms - SKYN. These condoms almost feel like you're not wearing one at all! Experience next level pleasure for him.



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Pleasure is an endless exploration. Start with yours.

SKYN is a brand that brings us a line of condoms designed for those who want to feel everything. Its condoms are manufactured by Ansell, a leader in protection solutions. These products are made for those who are not afraid to be adventurous in the bedroom and in life.

SKYN's most popular products are its feel-everything condoms, which are made of SKYNFEEL, a revolutionary non-latex material, but the brand has expanded its collection to include lubricants, orgasmic gels, and even sex toys.

What is SKYN's history?

The history of this brand dates back to 1905 when Eric Ansell began manufacturing condoms in Australia. For more than a century, Ansell Limited has dedicated itself to sexual wellness, providing people with products to safely, confidently, and creatively explore their sexualities.

In 1985, it launched LifeStyles - its US-based consumer product brand based in Iselin, New Jersey. Thirteen years later, LifeStyles came out with SKYN, the world's first non-latex condom that met all of the US FDA's safety and efficacy requirements. LifeStyles continued developing polyisoprene condoms, coming out with more than twenty designs. It also branched out into producing other pleasure products.

What products does SKYN provide?

SKYN provides a range of clinically-approved ultra-soft polyisoprene condoms that range in styles and sizes. These condoms are triple-tested to meet the strictest reliability standards in the US.

The brand's portfolio also now includes personal lubricants and pleasure toys designed to facilitate exploration and enhance sexual pleasure.


All of their condoms are made from SKYNFEEL, the revolutionary polyisoprene material that is ultra-soft and comfortable. It's so thin that it feels like your partner isn't wearing anything. The condoms offer maximum sensation as well as protection against STIs and pregnancy. They are suitable for people who are allergic to latex.


SKYN Original are non-latex, lubricated condoms that provide a natural skin-to-skin feeling. They conform to the shape of the penis for maximum comfort.


SKYN Elite are made with the same SKYNFEEL material but are 15% thinner than the Original. These condoms offer ultimate sensitivity so the experience can be truly enjoyable. There are also SKYN Elite Large, the longer and wider version of this variant, and SKYN Elite Extra Lube, which contains 40% more silky smooth lubrication for extra comfort.


SKYN Excitation features a cooling lubricant and raised studs strategically placed in a wave-like pattern to stimulate the receiver's most sensitive areas. The features provide both partners with extraordinary sensations for maximum pleasure.


SKYN Intense features pearls and ribs on its surface to add a beaded texture to the mix. This condom adds sensations to massage and stimulates your pleasure spots for a quick and intense climax.

For those who want to try out all the variants of SKYN condoms, there's the SKYN Selection variety pack.


SKYN offers a selection of water-based and silicone-based lubricants that offers extra stimulation during intimacy. These lubricants are non-sticky and fragrance and parabens-free. All of their lubricants are compatible with all types of condoms.

All Night Long

This silicone-based lubricant offers long-lasting lubrication for that velvety smooth sensation. There's no need to reapply All Night Long, so you can continue your sexploration uninterrupted.

Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry is formulated to work in harmony with the body. This personal, water-based lubricant contains hyaluronic acid that's known for its ability to keep the skin soft and supple. It is pH adapted to naturally enhance sensations.


This stimulating gel contains L-Arginine. It provides a pleasurable warming and tingling sensation that adds sizzle to your intimate activities.


SKYN offers a line of personal massagers so you can experience new sexual heights whether you are by yourself or with a partner.


This is a G-Spot vibrator with a curved head to provide 10 different modes of vibration for endless stimulation to your pleasure zones.


This vibrating massager has stimulating ridges on its ultra-soft silicone surface and 7 vibration modes to deliver a delicious sensation where you need it.


This is a remote-controlled bullet massager that's small but powerful. It offers 10 vibration patterns that you can explore solo or with a partner.


Kegel Massagers have come a long way. Now, Skyn has Rouse, a remote-controlled kegel trainer that doubles as a massager. It aids in strengthening the pelvic floor and offers 10 modes of vibration.


This miniature vibrating wand has a flexible head that you can use to send powerful vibrations to any of your pleasure spots. Use it on your clit or your nipples, or anywhere else that you desire. This silky smooth vibe will surely have you singing with pleasure.


Wave is a palm-sized flickering clitoris massager with ridges at its tip. It provides varying textures and sensations to stimulate your ultimate pleasure spot.


This clitoral massager has vibrating open ends to stimulate the feel of oral stimulation. It offers up to two hours of sexual pleasure, more than enough time to get you to come over and over.

Dual Ring

This is a vibrating penis ring that not only offers three vibration modes but also has a ribbed texture to give you the best sensations all over. This ring can also be used as a finger massager to deliver intense vibrations to your erogenous zones.


It is a premium personal massager that provides dual stimulation. With its curved shape, velvety finish, and 20 vibrations modes, Vibes is the perfect instrument for solo or partner play.


When it comes to vibrators, the less noise it makes, the better. And Shiver is one quiet vibe that packs a punch. It offers 7 speeds, so you can choose to go gently or ramp it up to the highest intensity. It also has a ribbed texture for extra pleasure.


This is a pocket-sized massager with a beautiful rose gold finish. It is discreet yet powerful, perfect for those who want pleasure anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are SKYN condoms different?

SKYN condoms are made with SKYNFEEL material. This is a synthetic polyisoprene material that does not contain rubber latex, making the condoms safe for those with latex allergies.

Are SKYN condoms vegan-friendly?

Yes. All their condoms do not contain animal derivatives.

Are SKYN condoms safe to use for anal sex?

Yes, even if SKYN condoms are thinner, they are suitable for use during anal sex. It is advisable to use plenty of lube to reduce friction that can cause the material to rip.

Did you know?

SKYN products are available in the Philippines, thanks to our sex shop! puts these condoms, lubes, and unique massagers within your fingertips' reach. If you want to check out the diverse collection, you can find the famed products under the "SKYN" catalog on our site.

Every package can be delivered directly to your doorstep. We guarantee discreet packaging without reference to the parcel's contents or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel is you!

Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality sex toys without toxic ingredients are safe to use. Here at NOTI, we partner only with trusted brands that provide products made with body-safe materials. It's also important to always clean your sex toys regularly, store them in a clean, dry place, and use them responsibly. Doing all of this would ensure you have a safe and pleasurable time going to town with your toyfriends.

If you’re new to sex and the city, we recommend you try vibrators first. That’s because according to one study, more than 7 out of 10 women need or prefer clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. See if that takes you to town!

Many factors can contribute to anorgasmia or inability to achieve orgasm, ranging from hormonal changes to anxiety. Of course, toys can help women whose problem is insufficient clitoral stimulation. But when the issue is more psychological in nature, sex therapy may be necessary.

One common misconception about sex toys is how it could make you feel numb down there. While that does happen after prolonged use, the effect is almost always temporary. If you need to, refrain from use for a few days to get your good vibes back.

Sex toys are a wonderful addition to your overall experience between partners. Their functionality can help enhance your foreplay in a lot of ways. But if this becomes an issue, just assure your partner that toys aren’t meant to replace the attachment or attraction you have for your partner.

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