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MANIX SKYN King Size Condom 10 pcs



Experience heightened pleasure in a whole new level with Manix SKYN King Size condoms.

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MANIX SKYN King Size Condom 10 pcs description

Experience unparalleled pleasure without compromising on safety with Manix SKYN King Size condoms.

  • Extra large condoms
  • Latex-free and vegan – polyisoprene (Skynfeel)
  • Transparent, lubricated, with reservoir

These transparent, lubricated, ultra-thin condoms are designed to provide maximum comfort and a natural feel during intimate moments. With a length of 190 mm (10 mm longer than the standard) and a nominal width of 56 mm (4 mm wider than the standard), they offer an extra-large fit for enhanced comfort and confidence.

Crafted from Skynfeel, a revolutionary polyisoprene material, these condoms are softer and more elastic than latex, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Say goodbye to the traditional latex smell, as Skynfeel is odorless, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the moment. Plus, it's perfect for individuals with latex allergies, making it an inclusive choice.

Elevate your experience with Manix SKYN King Size condoms and discover a new level of pleasure and confidence.

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  • Transparent condoms
  • Contain no latex
  • Ultra-thin polyisoprene
  • Strong resistance
  • Smooth surface
  • Long-lasting lubricant gel
  • CE standard

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to use the MANIX SKYN King Size Condom 10 pcs is covered in the description above together with how it feels.

The MANIX SKYN King Size Condom 10 pcs is a product developed by MANIX. Read the full product description above.

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