Sex Toys

Your breath hitches. Sex Toys. It was a tantalizing sight for you to behold. The long and textured shaft of the dildo, the subtle yet sultry vibrator, even the cool and smooth pair of kegel balls. They all make you tingle in between your legs – Which sex toy turns your body on? Make your own story below!

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Sex Toys
Sex Toys

How owning sex toys in the philippines will help you take pleasure into your own hands.

It's never too late to join in the fun!

It might be shocking for you, but there are a variety of toys specifically made for adult entertainment… if you know what we mean. They range from the cocky dildos and the buzzy vibrators all the way to the weighty Kegel balls and the cheeky butt plugs. The possibilities are limitless, and they just keep it comin'!

No doubt, there's at least one toy out there that's bound to make you blush with anticipation. So why not start this thrilling exploration with us? Here at NOTI in Manila, Philippines, the grown-ups are out to play, and you could be just like them.

Come and play with sensual toys

When it comes to sex, our bodies usually do all the work, with our limbs and genitals getting involved by going the extra mile. But that's certainly not the only way we can get our satisfaction in bed. If your sexy time is getting a little too stale for your taste, you can always make things more fun with pleasure toys.

What is a sex toy?

Generally speaking, a sex toy is any object you use to stimulate yourself or enhance your sexual experience. No wonder it comes in all shapes and sizes, each one fulfilling a specific need. You could even choose from a handful of types based on what you're in the mood for!

Here's a quick rundown of the four most popular pleasure toys for women and their different uses:


Long and phallic in appearance, this one is created to insert in your vagina or anus for penetration and G-spot stimulation. Turn it on and enjoy different vibration intensities: strong vibrations, rumbly vibrations, or whatever you prefer!

Dildos may look realistic in fleshy tones, or they could even be made out of silicone or glass. Feel free to enjoy this with or without an actual penis, whichever you prefer. Go for the waterproof rechargeable type to enjoy loads of sexy times in the shower. Like Fearless Ophelia wrote, I did have thoughts with a dildo in hand! We know that they date back to 28,000 years as german scientists found a 'highly polished' stone dildo during an excavation.


Spreading nothing but the good vibes and sexy toys here! Just as its name suggests, you can count on this baby to shake things up by pulsating or throbbing against your erogenous zones. Choose among different vibration patterns for broader stimulation or direct stimulation, or enjoy dual stimulation with an external vibrator and internal vibrator combined. Most vibrators have a range of vibration modes so you can be shaken up exactly as you want.

Vibrators come in many different models that offer various speeds and intensities depending on which kind you choose. Some are battery-operated, others are rechargeable. And some even come with a remote so your partner can get involved from a distance. If you're in a long-distance relationship you might want to try an app-controlled vibrator so your partner can control the vibration settings and bring you to orgasms without even being there. An alternative type of a couple’s vibrator where you as the woman get what you deserve.

A bullet vibrator or clitoral vibrator is discreet and easy to bring with you in your make-up bag so you always have rumbly vibrations at hand. The bigger G-spot vibrators will give you a pleasurable sensation with different vibration patterns that will lead you to the G-spot orgasm. It's very common that women can't achieve orgasm from penetrative sex. If you and your partner often end in those sex positions, you might want to introduce a tiny finger vibrator. It has different vibration moods for extra clitoral stimulation so you both can reach climax.


Nothing says getting physical quite like the Kegel balls. Also known as the Ben Wa or geisha balls, these novelties from Japan are weighted to stretch your lower pelvic muscles. That way, you'll feel tighter down there and have more intense orgasms overall. Not to mention all the health benefits of Kegel exercises! Gentle or strong vibrations – choose the intensity you want and let the satisfyer do its work while you have your hands free for other things.


Dare to let your partner sneak in through the back door? Then this is definitely the plaything you're looking for. With a flared bottom, the butt plug is safe enough to keep your backside occupied as you get stimulated from the front. Now that is what you call a well-rounded experience for a woman who wants it all.

Coming of age and relation to sex toys

Are you amazed yet at how immense your options could be? The idea of sex toys may be new to you, but in reality, these handy tools weren't born yesterday. In fact, they've already been around for thousands of years. And the ancestors you thought were prudish might have actually been into this stuff too.

For instance, the earliest known dildo was found in Hohle Fels Cave, Germany from way back 30,000 B.C. With its smooth texture and phallic shape, the artifact must have made our ancestors cave in to their deepest desires.

Even the Greeks and Romans had their fun and sexual pleasure circa 500 B.C. To pay tribute to their gods of wine and fertility, their civilizations developed a vibrant sex culture. They used “breadsticks” as dildos and drizzled olive oil over them as lube – mouthwatering!

And who's to say women didn't enjoy themselves? Rumor has it that Cleopatra created the first-ever vibrator in 100 B.C. by emptying a gourd to fill it with bees. She must've gotten a real buzz out of that.

Toyfriends with benefits

Sex Toys

It's clear these products have brought so much pleasure to humanity since the dawn of time. But now that it's grown to become a $21 billion dollar industry, let's explore some of the reasons why adult toys are your friends with benefits:

  • Achieve the big O. Whether you're enjoying solo or partner play, you can always count on sex toys to get you to the finish line. In fact, avid female users of the vibrator tend to score higher on the Female Sexual Function Index scale
  • Bring sexual excitement. When your sex routine is getting too repetitive, a shiny new toy can bring new intensity levels to the bedside table. How about butt plugs? They're called novelty items for a reason.
  • Address health conditions. Sex toys such as Kegel balls also strengthen your pelvic floor for post-partum recovery and urinary incontinence. These toys are worth the weight, indeed.
  • Help prevent STDs. If you maintain proper hygiene, you'd be able to reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). That's because they can often reduce body fluid contact between partners.
  • Empower women sexually. The industry is growing in leaps and bounds to close the pleasure gap between men and women in bed. We ladies don't always get the orgasms we deserve as often as our partners do, so this is their opportunity to return the favor.

Convinced that you're missing out on a lot? No matter your age, it's never too late for you to take control of your sexuality and orgasms. To make matters more convenient for you, we're offering you a lot of premium brands and the greatest deals right here, so don't you go anywhere else! Find your new sex tech devices for women among brands such as Le Wand, Wevibe, Fun Factory, and Satisfyer.

We go through great lenghts to sell the best sex toys available today. Rabbit vibrators, a magic wand, anal beads, or something else? In the NOTI sex store you find everything a woman's heart – and lower body – could desire. We value your privacy and handle your personal information with care.

When it comes to delivery, we send your toys in discreet packages so no one will suspect that you're receiving pleasurable toys that will bring you a lot of fun, sensations and, not least, staggering orgasms. Just place your order, lean back, and get ready to be the teacher of your own sex education.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Toys


Sex toys are also called adult toys. They are used to increase pleasure during sex or masturbation. It's absolutely normal for a woman to use toys – alone or with a partner.


Sex toys can be used for masturbation or during sex with a partner. In some cases, adult toys are used for health benefits, but they're mostly used for pleasure. Sensual pleasure toys can give a more precise stimulation, a broader stimulation, a feeling of fullness, a different type of sensation, or something else. It's different from person to person, but sex toys are very normal to use. Adult toys for couples can add an extra layer to the experience.


There are many different toys designed for women, all with different purposes and functions. But common to all is that they will bring you lot of fun and sexual wellness! You can use them alone for masturbation or as a sex accessory for sex with a partner.

The most common are dildos for internal stimulation in the vagina or anus.

However, it doesn't have to be internal stimulation all the way, you can also use your sex toy to stimulate other erogenous zones, such as your nipples or lower back, and increase your sexual wellness. External stimulation is also a delightful acquaintance. Bullet vibes or a finger vibrator should definitely be a part of your toy collection! They’re small, elegant, and discrete, but don't be fooled! They are more than just indifferent sex accessories, they will get your blood flow running in no time, and the different vibration modes and intensity levels will make you moan in satisfaction. 

You should also consider adding a pair of Kegel balls to your toy collection for handsfree vibration and strengthening of your pelvic floor.


You can buy sex toys online at NOTI is based in Manilla, Philippines, but we ship to the whole country. Our mission is to make it easy for women in the Philippines to buy good quality pleasure toys online. We send your products in a discreet package with no text or logo so nobody except you will know what's inside.


No sex toy is perfect for everybody. To choose the right sex toy, you need to find out what you like and what brings you most sexual pleasure. Some women prefer toys to insert in the vagina while others like playing with different vibrations externally.

You might also want to consider the material: do you like silicone or maybe glas the most? Silicone is more flexible while glass offers more opportunities of playing with temperature. Just remember to use a water-based lube for your silicone toys as silicone-based lube will cause damages.


Women are different and so are their preferences when it comes to sex toys. While some are happy with a tiny clitoral vibrator, others long for strong vibrations from bigger toys. None is correct or incorrect, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

However, the most popular sex toys for women are vibrators offering precise stimulation of clitoris – and some of them the benefit of the discreet looks so you can bring them everywhere like a lip stick. Dildos and Kegel balls are also common choices with a great pleasure potential. If you're open for anal stimulation and a visit through the back door, a butt plug should absolutely be on your list as well.


High-quality adult toys without toxic ingredients are safe to use. Just remember to always clean them regularly, store them in a clean, dry place, and use them responsibly. Doing all of this would greatly minimize your odds of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.


If adult toys are unknown land to you, shopping for your first item might be intimidating. However, sensual toys are totally normal – and being intimidated by it is as well! Start by asking yourself what you like, which sensations you're looking for, and what brings you sexual pleasure. Are you looking for internal or external stimulation? Clitoral stimulation with a small vibrator for your clitoris, or G-spot stimulation from a dildo formed as a penis?

If you're new to fem tech, we recommend you try vibrators first. That's because according to sex experts, more than 7 out of 10 women need or prefer clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. See if that external stimulation takes you to town! A wand vibrator is pretty straight forward as a beginner’s sex toy. You can also let yourself be seduced by one of the small, elegant bullet vibrators. These are particularly good as sexy travel accessories as they look like a lipstick and therefore can be easily camouflaged. That being said, dildos, Kegel balls and butt plugs are also very popular for internal stimulation. And very common also, so they can very well be travel accessories too, though not as discrete.


Many factors can contribute to anorgasmia or inability to achieve orgasm, ranging from hormonal changes to anxiety. Of course, toys can help women whose problem is insufficient clitoral stimulation. But when the issue is more psychological in nature, sex therapy may be necessary.


One common misconception about fem tech devices is how it could make your vagina feel numb. While that does happen sometimes after prolonged use, the effect is almost always temporary. If you need to, refrain from use for a few days to get your sensations and good vibes back.


Pleasure toys are a wonderful addition to the overall experience between partners. Their functionality can help enhance your foreplay in a lot of ways. Toys for couples can add sensations and help with precise stimulation to enhance the experience for both of you. You can also spice things up with sex toys with remote control. This way, your partner can give you a good time from a distance – for example when you're taking a walk or maybe even out for dinner. Then your little sex toy suddenly turns into a couple’s sex toy for the pleasure of both of you.

Remember, if it becomes an issue, just assure your partner that toys aren't meant to replace the attachment or attraction you have for your partner.

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