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Our Story

NOTI is a passion project that was years in the making, driven by the desire to empower women to own their sexuality. The idea to put up an online sex shop promoting sex education started back in 2009. 

At the time, the founders Prism and Anders had been dating for a while in the Philippines. For her birthday, Anders gave Prism a small vibrator. In the local conservative culture, sex was not usually talked about — much less sex toys.

Prism soon discovered what the fuss was all about! She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t known about sex toys until that point in her adult life. Quickly sex toys became a hot topic between her best friends and closest family. 

For her best friend’s birthday, Prism decided to give her the gift of orgasms through a vibrator. But in 2009, it was difficult to find reputable sex shops, physical or online, in the Philippines. Prism ended up ordering from an online sex shop abroad with a mixed customs experience.

The exitement and curiosity in the conversations coupled with the fact that conversations often ended in "where to buy sex toys" was a clear sign — and that’s when the idea of NOTI, a playful take on the word “naughty,” was born. 

In 2010, Prism moved to Denmark to start a new life with Anders, now her husband and father of their two kids. With their kids growing up and having more time between their hands, they decided it was finally time to pursue their passion project in May 2019.

With Prism’s roots in the Philippines, they felt strongly about making Filipinas more aware of the sexual pleasure that their bodies are capable of. They firmly believed that sex education should be discussed more openly with girls and women around the country. So they set out to create an online space that teaches Filipinas about the wonders of their bodies and how to maximize sexual pleasure. 

With the online sex shop and sex education center, NOTI aims to empower Filipinas to own their sexuality, have great orgasms, experience pleasure, and be in control of their bodies. Owning your sexuality increases your self-esteem and gives you the power to make conscious choices for yourself.

NOTI is passionate about helping Filipinas for their own benefit and for the benefit of others—because empowered women empower other women.