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Types of sex: 5 ways of getting laid that you can explore on your sexcapade

Saddling up, diving deep, or going downtown? Here’s a list of things you can do to get to your next sexy destination.

You’re probably picturing the perfect getaway with your partner in your head: that brief moment of orgasmic bliss, irresistible yet ever-elusive. What does it take to reach that peak? You wonder if you missed something— perhaps your pace is a little too slow or much too fast, maybe you’ve made a wrong turn at one point.

But you don’t have to worry too much about it, because we’ve got you covered! We’ll take you through five sensational activities that anyone can enjoy in the pursuit of sexual pleasure, whether you’re a first-timer or a more experienced partner:

1. Rub it in

Hump day doesn’t have to feel unpleasant, especially when you’re spending the night with your beloved partner. Frottage— better known by its slang words heavy petting, outercourse, and dry humping— is the act of grinding or rubbing any part of your body, especially your genitals, against your partner.

The term frottage comes from the French verb frotter, which means “to rub.” On the other hand, the word frot refers exclusively to penis-on-penis action.

Whether you’re clothed in your favorite lingerie or clad in your birthday suit, this type of sex is anything but a dry affair. So giddy-up and jump on it to get off!

2. Lend a hand

Sure, masturbation can be one of the best ways of self-care, but you don’t always have to do it alone. You can also engage in mutual masturbation with your partner and enjoy that picturesque view. That could involve either stimulating yourselves in front of one another (non-contact) or helping each other get their fill of pleasure too (contact).

You can stop here if you don’t feel like having sexual intercourse or if you want to keep it safe without having to use contraceptives. Meanwhile, other people consider this as part of their foreplay, just to warm themselves up for the climax.

3. Get tongue-tied

Your hands aren’t the only parts of you that’s going places during the deed. After all, your partner can also head downtown and give you some oral sex by stimulating your genitals using their mouth.

To be more specific, titillating the senses of your clitoris using one’s tongue is called cunnilingus, while the proper term for the blowjob is fellatio. (Quite a mouthful, we know!) Meanwhile, the phrase “tossing the salad” refers to rimming or analingus, which means stimulating the edge of your butt.

Nobody literally blows on the penis when they’re performing fellatio. Its popular nickname is most probably a shortened form of “below job.”

4. Thrust the process

Many people think that intercourse is the best part of doing the deed, so much that they don’t consider it as actual sex when the penis (or sex toy) doesn’t penetrate the vagina in vaginal sex. That’s not true, though. While about 18% of women say that this alone is enough for them to hit it off, others still prefer clitoral stimulation.

If you appreciate the warmth and fullness that diving deep has to offer, then that’s great! Let your partner know so they can learn how to make you feel good. Remember to play it safe too; this type can lead to unwanted pregnancy and STDs if you’re not careful.

5. Feel buttcheek-y

Why stick to business up front when you could party in the back? You’d be surprised how anal sex or the penis-in-anus intercourse can provide you pleasure in its own special way. For the more daring souls, sex toys like butt plugs and flared dildos are specially made to kick it off in your backside.

Of course, not everyone is a party person, and that’s alright. But if you’d like to try going through your backdoor, make sure that you drizzle a lot of lube on your peach since it won’t lubricate itself the way your vagina does!

Do you have an idea yet of which one you’d like to try? No need to stick to just one technique; in fact, the best itinerary is one that mixes it up every single time. So grab your partner and off you go— there’s much to discover in your exciting sexcapade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it true that actual sex only happens when the penis goes inside the vagina?

Nope! A lot of sex might involve intercourse or vaginal penetration, but that doesn’t have to happen for you to get laid. In fact, many couples that aren’t hetero get it on in other ways. Whatever your sexuality is, you can always explore techniques like dry humping, mutual masturbation, oral sex, or anal sex.

What does frottage mean?

You might know this more as dry humping when you rub your body (especially your genitals) against another surface. In this case, you and your partner will be grinding against each other— feel free to consider it as your opening act or the main performance. Clothes are optional!

Does masturbating with my partner count as sex?

Yep, mutual masturbation is definitely a sexual act. Whether you keep your distance or put your hands all over each other, it’s one steamy session to look forward to once you get over the shyness or pressure to look sexy. Trust us, there’s nothing like seeing each other taking the time to please yourselves.

Is it safe for me to engage in oral sex?

There’s no chance of getting pregnant from oral sex, but you still have to watch out for some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that can be passed on through it, like herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Contraceptives like condoms on penises and dental dams on vaginas and anuses can act as a barrier to infection.

Does anal sex hurt at all?

It doesn’t have to! Experiencing pain during anal sex is most commonly caused by the lack of lubrication since your anus doesn’t self-lubricate the way your vagina does. So don’t knock it until you’ve tried it… and apply lots of lube (and love).

How can I best prepare for anal sex?

If it’s your first time doing it, some spring cleaning could be in order. To be safe, you might want to try your DIY enema, which basically involves injecting warm water or saline up your anus to empty your bowel beforehand. The bottom line (pardon the pun): Always keep your peach squeaky clean!

What if I don’t like the idea of doing some sexual acts?

All the different ways of having sex can be fun, but only if you’re 100% comfortable with them. You shouldn’t have to feel pressured about trying out new stuff in bed when you’re not down for it. Explore at your own pace, and you’ll surely discover which one gives you the most pleasure.

Author, posted by Prism Kristensen
Posted by Prism Kristensen
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