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Elevate your solo or partner play with Dilly and take pleasure to new heights anytime, anywhere.

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Dilly Classic Smooth Dildo With Suction Cup 21.5 cm ₱ 1,495 ₱ 1,196
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Remarkably Real

Dilly is one of the in-house brands of It specializes in realistic dildos made of medical-grade silicone and other high-quality body-safe materials. The shape and firmness of the toys perfectly mimic the real deal, making each Dilly product perfect for solo and partner play.

What is the history of Dilly?

Dilly is proudly developed and sold by NOTI as part of our company's mission to empower every Filipina to experience guilt-free orgasms. It was the first NOTI exclusive brand, released in February 2022.

What products does Dilly provide?

Dilly specializes in realistic dildos made of medical-grade silicone, thermoplastic rubber, and other high-quality, body-safe materials.

Designed with your pleasure in mind, Dilly makes it easy for you to find the dildo of your wet dreams. Paying tribute to how penises vary in size, colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, Dilly offers a wide selection of remarkably real and wallet-friendly dildos that have a lifelike sensation when you use them.

Craving for a veiny shaft? A smooth and slim one? In the mood for something that you can play with in the dark? Dilly has a toy for you.

Realistic Dildos

Dilly offers a selection of realistic dildo that are sure to fulfill all of your sensual needs. With these toys, you won't even need a partner to reach your peak. They even come in a variety of sizes.

Check out the Dilly Classic Realistic Luxy dildo. It has a straight shaft that comes in different lengths. The small version is 19 centimeters, 14.5 of which is insertable, of pure satisfaction. The shaft feels so good with all the prominent veins to provide extra sensations. Plus, the balls are so realistic that you'd just want to give them a squeeze. This model is even compatible with a harness, so you can use it on your partner.

Want to use your hands for massaging your erogenous zones? You can do so with this dildo as it has a super strong suction cup to attach the toy to any flat surface. It also comes in medium and large. There's also the extra-long version that measures 27 cm and the girthy 24 cm. It even comes in a transparent TPE model that's 21 cm long.

If you're not a huge fan of balls, you can also get the Realistic Luxy Dildo with Suction Cup 20 cm. There's also a version that's 22 cm in length.

Not all real shafts are straight. Some curve up, which is perfect since it slides in at the right angle to hit the G-spot. The Classic Realistic Dildo features that delicious curve. It comes in small, medium, and large.

Anal Dildos

Dilly also carries a selection of toys explicitly designed for anal penetration. These are usually slimmer and have a flared base to ensure it doesn't get stuck or lost inside the anus. The toys are harness-compatible, so you can use them to pleasure your partner (or the other way around).

If you are new to anal play, you should check out the Beginners Classic Anal Dildo. This toy has a straight shaft that's made of body-safe silicone, making it flexible. It has prominent veins that provide extra sensation as it slides in. You can also get it in a curved version. If you are looking for something smooth and slim, there's the Slender Smooth Silicone dildo. This curved toy is ideal for massaging the prostate, bringing your partner to his peak in a few thrusts. This model comes in small, medium, and large.

Vibrating Dildos

Dilly also carries a few realistic vibrating options like the Dilly Realistic Dildo Multi-speed Vibrator 22.5 cm. This features a straight, veiny shaft with a bulbous tip. This one will give you the rumbling pleasure you need to stimulate your clit or G-spot (or any other erogenous zone you want to stimulate). It has an insertable length of 22 cm, so it can easily reach your deepest parts. This also comes in a 19.5 cm and a 22.5 cm length option. The former features a larger tip, while the latter is less veiny with a tapered end.

Another popular vibrating choice is the Realistic Luxy Dildo Multi-speed Vibrator 22.5 cm. This version features a smoother shaft and a less prominent head. It is an excellent option if you like it slimmer.

Smooth Dildos

If you're not a fan of the veiny shafts, you can also go for the smooth ones. Dilly offers a few smooth-surfaced dildos that still feature a prominent head. The Dilly Classic Smooth Dildo with suction cup is a clear 21.5 cm toy with an insertable length of 15 cm. This is girthy enough that you'd feel quite full once it is fully sheathed in you.

Special Dildos

Have some fun in the bedroom with some fun sex toys. An example is the brightly colored Classic Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup. Not only does this toy have a considerable insertable length of about 15 cm, but it also has an out-of-this-world feel in a bright purple color.

Another hands-free toy is the Dilly Glow in the Dark Dildo with Suction cup. It is slightly longer than average and comes in a fun light blue color. The fun starts when you turn off the lights.

Finally, there's the Double Delight dildo. One side has a swirly surface and curved shaft, and the other is skin-smooth. You can use this during solo play or wear it and use it to penetrate your partner at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use condoms on Dilly products?

Yes, the dildos are smooth enough to put a condom on without the latex getting ripped. But please remember to check the material of your Dilly toy. If it is made of silicone rather than TPR, keep them away from silicone-coated condoms and silicone-based lubes.

Can you use lubricants on Dilly products?

Yes. It is actually advisable to use a water-based lubricant with these bad boys to ensure a smooth sailing sexual exploration.

How do you clean a Dilly dildo?

You can wash it with soap and water. You can also spray the surface with an alcohol-free toy cleaner and wipe the liquid off after a few minutes.

Did you know?

Dilly products are available in the Philippines, thanks to our sex shop! puts these fun toys within your fingertips' reach. If you want to check out the items, you can find the famed products under the “Dilly” catalog on our site.

Every package can be delivered directly to your doorstep. We guarantee discreet packaging without reference to the parcel's contents or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel is you!

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