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Massage Oils

Hands press against your back in broad strokes. From the base of your skull to your shoulder blades. Rolling past your hip. These fingers drenched in essential oils trace your curves ever so smoothly, each brush deep and sensual⁠— How far do you go? Make your story below!

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Massage Oils

How the best massage oils can help you grease into better sex

Here’s a quick rubdown of why massage oil should be in your sex routine.

Is your sex drive losing steam lately? Perhaps all you need is some saucy massage oil to turn up the heat between you and your partner once more.

Massage oil is any scented body oil meant to relieve pain and reduce anxiety. Given its therapeutic benefits, its use doesn’t have to be limited to foreplay. But there’s no denying it can get you to the mood for your sexual pleasure!

Different massage oils have unique characteristics that seek to provide the spa-like experience⁠ that you desire. However, they’re generally divided into two components, the base and the essentials.

All about that base

Any good massage requires a carrier or base oil. This is a lightly scented oil often extracted from nuts or seeds, making them all-natural and non-volatile. Some popular picks are coconut, almond, and grapeseed.

Don’t forget the essentials

On the other hand, the essential oil is thinner in consistency but stronger in concentration. When diluted in a carrier oil, it’s an effective form of aromatherapy for improving sexual health and well-being. Lavender, peppermint, and rosemary are some of the classic favorites.

Found the right massage oil for you here at NOTI yet? Now, all that’s left is to sit back, relax, and let your partner give you the massage you knead.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I try using massage oil with my partner?

A sensual massage can be one of the best forms of foreplay. Not only does it relax your sore muscles, but it can also communicate to your partner how and where you’d like to be touched. Feel free to glide smoothly to intercourse after a steamy round!

What’s the difference between carrier and essential oils?

Carrier oil is an all-natural, non-volatile, and lightly scented base applied to the skin during a massage. In contrast, essential oil is thinner in consistency but stronger in concentration. Dilute the essential oil in the base of your choice before usage.

Which massage oil is best for relaxing?

There’s no best type of massage oil, so that would depend on your preference. For instance, grapeseed oil is thinner, while coconut oil is your go-to if you want something more viscous. Essential oils have varying health benefits, such as reducing anxiety (e.g. lavender) or increasing sleep (e.g. chamomile).

Is massage oil edible?

While there’s no harm in licking off pure coconut oil, not all massage oils are made to be edible. It helps to check the label to make sure that it’s safe for consumption. Or better yet, why not purchase a specially made edible massage oil?

Are there ingredients I should watch out for in essential oils?

Massage oils are generally safe for external use. However, you should be careful in selecting your variant if you and your partner have any known allergies. These could either be nut allergy (e.g. almond, chestnut) or hypersensitivity to essential oils. 

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Posted by Prism Kristensen

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