Lovense is a Singapore-based teledildonics sex toy manufacturer that has been pioneering the way couples have sex since 2009. Lovense was founded by Dan Liu, who was living in a different country from his girlfriend. The long distance relationship sparked an interest in teledildonics, which led him to start developing remote control sex toys and eventually expand into VR.

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Lovense is a Singapore-based sex tech brand dedicated to igniting passion across any distance. Driven by over a decade of research and development, Lovense specializes in creating sex toys with remote control features and other innovative approaches to pleasure.

What is the history of Lovense?

The brand began with its founder’s long-distance relationship in 2009. Dan Liu and his girlfriend lived in different countries, resulting in a lack of sexual intimacy. Committed to rekindling the flame in his own relationship and knowing that other long-distance couples were experiencing the same problems, Liu sparked an interest in teledildonics or technologies that empower human sexual interactions through electronic toys.

In 2010, Lovense was founded and shook the internet with Remote Pleasure, a revolutionary remote-control vibrator that you could control through Skype. It was hailed as the world’s first “smart” vibrator, also empowered with the ability to sync vibrations with music.

Lovense prototyped the first two-way interactive, teledildonic sex toys between 2011 and 2012 while research and development continued. After continuous improvement, the first app-based sex tech toys of their kind, Max and Nora, were made available in late 2013. Max was the first Bluetooth male masturbator, while Nora was the first Bluetooth bunny vibrator.

The next few years saw more innovation at Lovense with annual releases of new products for both women and men. They developed a toy for public play (Lush), an adjustable prostate massager (Hush), a powerful mini wand (Domi), and a few other products all optimized for remote control and long distance pleasure.

The sex tech company is also dedicated to continuous improvement for the toys they offer. In 2019, they took user feedback and evolved the original Lush love egg into Lush 2 with new Bluetooth technology inside and more ergonomic button placement.

But Lovense didn’t stop there. Only two years later, they upgraded their all-time bestseller with Lush 3 which had a redesigned antenna, a more convenient magnetic charging port, and a way longer battery life. Other Lovense toys that received state-of-the-art upgrades in the form of revamped sequels include the Domi, Max, Osci, and Hush.

Today, Lovense is the world’s leading brand for interactive sex toys. If you’re looking to discover new pleasure possibilities or maintain intimacy with your partner even from across continents, you can surely rely on their wide range of teledildonic sex toys to be there for you.

What awards and achievements has Lovense received?

Lovense has achieved many milestones as a sex tech company dedicated to always bettering its craft, including:

  • Pioneering app-based/app-controllable sex toys
    The Lovense team even developed a USB Bluetooth Adapter to link any of their toys to a Windows PC.
  • Partnering with VR pornography company VirtualRealPorn
    With a futuristic vision for pleasure, the company collaborated to create a 4D erotic experience that blends the dynamic visuals of virtual reality and the lifelike sensations of their sex toys.
  • Adding a "digital orgies" feature to their app
    The company introduced this group play feature in January 2021, allowing up to 100 individuals to join via the Lovense app and control other registered users' toys. This update came at the right time as a safe alternative for physical intimacy during the COVID19 lockdowns.
  • Integrating toys with erotic games like Wild Life and Breeders of the Nephelym
    Lovense Gaming syncs the company's toys with events and activities in the games for a new user experience. Open-world adult game Wild Life combines exploration, combat, eroticism, and survival, while Breeders Of The Nephelym is a 3D erotic adventure game.

As the company grew, Lovense received more praise from critics and earned fame in the sex toy industry.

Lovense won the 2020 Forbes Vices Award for Disruptive Innovator. This award honors companies that provide stress relief, as Lovense's devices became the go-to items for both long-distance couples and strangers. The company's product line also assisted sex workers in performing online cam shows when the Covid-19 lockdown caused a spike in sex toy sales. The progressive brand linked its technology with cam sites and incorporated casino-style games for more human connection amid social distancing.

The sex tech company won Best Tech Toy at the Altporn Awards 2021 for the Ferri. AltPorn is a sexual community that values breaking stereotypes and embracing uniqueness, morally sound creative processes, counterculture influences, and a sense of tribal connectedness and community support.

The Ferri also won Sex Toy Product of the Year at the XBIZ Europa Awards 2021, which honors exceptional performance across film production, digital media, and sex toys in the pleasure industry. Lovense was also crowned International Pleasure Products Company of the Year at the 2022 XBIZ Honors Awards.

What products does Lovense provide?

Lovense boasts an innovative product line of vibrators, masturbators, and other app-controlled toys that deliver intimate pleasure across any distance.


The Calor is a male masturbator with controlled temperature heating. It also has various vibration, grip, and depth settings for personalized strokes from foreplay to finish. And it syncs with Nora, Max 2, or another Calor to fire up any long-distance relationship.


The Dolce is a sleek and sophisticated dual vibrator with an adjustable fit to ensure hands-free pleasure for both the clitoris and G-spot.

Domi 2

Navigate the world of pleasure with the Domi 2. This mini wand vibrator has 3 steady levels, 10 pre-programmed patterns and a dual rotating head technology for your sexy escapades.


The Diamo is this brand’s first wearable, external male toy. The fully programmable remote control penis ring can be adjusted to various vibrating intensities, and you can select the power level that best suits your needs using the Lovense app.


The Ferri is a sleek and versatile wireless app-controlled panty vibrator intelligently designed to elevate your play. Whether you want to run your own private show or you're up for some teasing from your partner, discreet pleasure is at your fingertips with this wearable vibe’s whisper-quiet rumbles.


The Exomoon bullet vibrator has a lipstick design that disguises its true naughty nature. Despite its discreet look, it brings you powerful whisper-quiet vibrations for on-the-go pleasure.


The Gush glans penis massager offers a variety of vibration intensities. It has an adjustable ring design that fits any size for hands-free pleasure, or stroke it at your preferred speed.

Hush 2

The Hush 2 is the world’s first completely programmable app-controlled vibrating butt plug. Wearable and waterproof, it’s the perfect anal play partner for sensual encounters at home, in bars, or anywhere else in public.

Lush 3

Of all wearable Bluetooth vibrators, the Lush 3 has the most potent vibration power and the widest control range. After debuting in 2015, the first-generation Lush bullet vibrator was an immediate success. The love egg was almost entirely silent, yet it had more than four times the power of similar toys. It rose to fame for being the first vibrator you could operate with an Apple Watch.

Max 2

The first app-controllable male masturbator. Max 2 offers the most realistic sensations with its adjustable vibration and contraction settings. It can also sync with the Nora, Calor, or another Max 2—and the toys will respond to each other’s movements even from continents away. For more elevated enjoyment, users can also upgrade this toy with a human-like penis sleeve for lifelike pleasure.


Revolutionary long-distance rabbit vibrator with Bluetooth app remote control made to tickle your G-spot and clitoris. Since 2009, the Lovense team has been developing the Nora to satisfy your needs and expectations. With its velvet-soft rotating head and separate flexible arm, you’ll surely reach your climax as many times as you want with this innovative tech.

Osci 2

The Osci 2 has a novel oscillating feature that drives the vibrations in and out rather than vibrating like other conventional toys, pleasing your G-Spot in ways you've never imagined. The oscillating vibrator is part of the Lovense Programmables series, which enables users to utilize the remote app to reset their toy's button cycle with up to 10 patterns and three custom vibration settings.


Launched only in 2022, the Tenera is the brand’s first-ever clit sucking toy. With a silicone mouth that mimics a lover’s soft lips, it stimulates your most erogenous zone with 5,000 pulses per minute to bring you multiple orgasms. You can also explore unlimited possibilities in the app by customizing the toy’s wide range of suction levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lovense work for long-distance relationships?

Lovense is perfect for maintaining passion in long-distance relationships. Your best options for long-distance sex are Nora, Max 2, and Calor. These toys can sync to one another over the internet so you can feel how fast or deep your lover is using their toy. No matter how far away, you can feel close to your partner and enjoy a romantic time together.

You can also use their wearable toys (Lush 3, Hush 2, Edge 2, Ferri, Diamo, Dolce, and Gush) during foreplay and some during sex. Take advantage of the app-enabled features and allow your partner to control your toy even from hundreds of miles away.

How does sound activation and music sync work?

You can transform any Lovense toy into a sound-activated toy using the Lovense Remote app. When this feature is turned on, the app uses your smartphone’s microphone and syncs each vibration to any nearby noise.

All their toys also have vibrating features that you can coordinate with your phone's music. The Lovense Remote can sync with your device's music library and premium Spotify accounts. Follow the directions by going to Settings > Linked Accounts > Spotify. It's the perfect gift for music fans who want to reach new levels of pleasure.

How do I download the Lovense Remote?

The Lovense Remote is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. The app is available for download through the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Lovense website.

Why is access to my phone's storage, camera, microphone, etc., required by the app?

These permissions are needed to access the app features. Using the on-screen prompt on your phone or by changing the settings, you may decide whether to grant permission or not. You must enable certain permissions for some features to be accessible.

How does Lovense protect my data?

The Lovense app system is entirely safe to use and stores the least amount of user data possible. Lovense has the same data encryption technology used by Google, Skype, Facetime, and other market leaders to fully encrypt every byte of your data that travels through their servers, including your text, picture, and voice messages. No video calls ever go via Lovense servers; they are fully peer-to-peer and encrypted from beginning to end. Additionally, Lovense never keeps any of your data on its systems for more than seven days.

Am I visible to strangers on the app?

The Lovense app is a closed platform. Users are not allowed to look for or add random people (the only way people can find your username is if you share a pattern publicly). Use a different platform (such as Reddit, Twitter, etc.) to connect with strangers and encourage them to download the app.


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