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Just Play

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Just Play

Just Play

Unleash your naughty side.

Just Play is a range of sexual wellness products carried by Orion Wholesale, the leading erotic products wholesaler in Europe. Just Play came out in 2021 to complement the company’s line of lubricants, similarly called Just Glide.

The various massage oils and gels, clit drops, orgasm gels, and sex creams will turn your bedroom into your very own sexual playground. Multiple orgasms? Totally achievable with Just Play products! The range is made of high-quality, 100% vegan formulas that carry Dermatest's "Sehr Gut" seal. This is a seal of excellence from the German-based research institute.

What products does Just Play provide?

Just Play provides oils, gels, and creams to turn your bedroom explorations more memorable, for an overall better sex experience. Their products add an array of luscious flavors and fragrances – enhancing the ambiance and intensifying your sensations during playtime.

2in1 Clean

Start and end the fun with this spray that gently and safely cleans the intimate area. It is also effective in cleaning sex toys. The formula is alcohol- and perfume-free, making it safe for sensitive skin. It contains chamomile and mallow extracts, as well as aloe vera. All these are known for their nourishing properties. The rich spray comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle. Just spritz and leave it on for a short while before wiping it off with a wet towel.

Sex Cream

Massage has always been a great form of foreplay because it awakens the senses, making you more receptive to touch. It is even better when you use Just Play's Sex Cream. This intimate cream contains oils from macadamia nut, almond, cloves, sesame, and pepper extract to provide that extra erotic zing.

Erotic Massage Oils

Awaken your partner's desire with Just Play's erotic massage oils. Your hands will glide smoothly on the skin, letting you tease your partner with fluid strokes. This rich oil comes in two erotic scents: Ylang ylang and Lemon Coco.

Massage Gels

This brand has a line of water-based gels that are great for massaging the entire body. You don't have to just focus on the intimate parts to get your partner (or yourself) hot and bothered. Any part of the body could be an erogenous zone, and you can explore all of it with this non-greasy, no-oil formula. This gel comes in six variants that offer different additional benefits:

  • Hyaluron - Leaves your skin moisturized.
  • Hemp Seed - Loosens tense muscles and reduces your stress levels.
  • Ginseng Ginkgo - Invigorates the entire body.
  • Watermelon - Leaves the skin smelling sweet.
  • Strawberry - Evokes a positive and romantic mood.
  • Heat Wave - Heats things up in the bedroom.

Orgasm Gel and Clit Drops

Massage the intimate area with Just Play's Orgasm Gel for an intense climax. This formula contains high-quality mint oil to provide that tingling sensation that increases arousal. You can experience the same sensation with the Clit Drops. Apply this directly onto the clitoris and get to your peak faster.


Are Just Play products safe to use with condoms?

Yes, all of this brand's products are formulated to be latex condom safe.

Are Just Play products vegan-friendly?

Yes, Just Play products do not contain any animal products.


Just Play products are available in the Philippines, thanks to our sex shop! puts these unique formulas within your fingertips' reach. If you want to check out the items, you can find the famed products under the 'Just Play' catalog on our site.

Every package can be delivered directly to your doorstep. We guarantee discreet packaging without reference to the parcel's contents or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel is you!

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