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Swede Senze Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Oil 150 ml



Upgrade your pleasure and explore your deepest sensual desire. The world is your playground.

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Swede Senze Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Oil 150 ml description

Upgrade your play with the vanilla sandalwood massage oil from Swede. The Swede Senze is waiting for your command.

  • 100% vegan
  • Beautiful container with practical lid
  • Perfect for pleasure massages

Sensual and body-safe ready to elevate your play. With the swede senze vanilla sandalwood massage oil 150 ml, pleasure is just a bottle away.

Perfect for pleasure massages

Premium and carefully selected ingredients are combined together for your intimate plays. It is design with a beautiful container and practical lid for safe perfect for pleasure massages.

Good to know

Apply the oil onto the skin and massage in long sensual strokes. For a more relaxing feel massage from the heart and outwards. Alternate gentle stroking with firmer caress and teasing pressure for a more passionate and intense play.

Warm the massage oil in a hot water bath or in a small jar with warm water for 5 minutes before applying it onto the body for more enhanced experience. Hot tap water around 45 degrees Celsius will do fine. This also diffuses some of the essential oils into the air creating a wonderful atmosphere with your chosen fragrance.

Did you know?

The Swede Senze is shipped in a plain box with no reference to the contents of the package or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel, is you!

See the full range from Swede here.

  • High quality erotic massage oil
  • Vanilla sandalwood intoxicating fragrance
  • Non-greasy, non-stick
  • Can safely be licked
  • Rinse off easily with water
  • Condom safe
  • 100% natural cold-pressed lotion oils

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Swede Senze Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Oil 150 ml here! We have Swede for sale. Get the best deal and prices when shopping on NOTI.

How to use the Swede Senze Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Oil 150 ml is covered in the description above together with how it feels.

The Swede Senze Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Oil 150 ml is a product developed by Swede. Read the full product description above.

We got you covered. Find out how the Swede Senze Vanilla Sandalwood Massage Oil 150 ml works by checking out the functional description above.

We love our customers and are here to help! If you experience any issues with the Swede Senze Vanilla you can contact us here.

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