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pjur Aqua Panthenol Water-Based Lubricant 100 ml



Upgrade and elevate your play worry-free anytime, anywhere.

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pjur Aqua Panthenol Water-Based Lubricant 100 ml description

Elevate your play with the pjur AQUA Panthenol water-based lubricant, a premium-quality personal lubricant that brings a new level of comfort and pleasure to your intimate experiences. Specially formulated with the highest standards of quality, this lubricant is designed to enhance your sensual moments with a silky-smooth feel.

  • High-quality water-based lubricant
  • With nourishing and regenerating panthenol
  • Excellent lubricating and nourishing properties

The pjur AQUA Panthenol lubricant is based on a unique water-based formula that provides long-lasting lubrication without leaving any sticky residue. This ensures a frictionless and enjoyable experience, reducing discomfort and enhancing intimacy. Whether you're engaging in intimate activities with a partner or enjoying some solo pleasure, this lubricant is your perfect companion.

This water-based lubricant is compatible with all types of toys and condoms, making it versatile and suitable for a variety of intimate experiences. It is dermatologist-tested and free from parabens, making it a safe choice for individuals with sensitive skin. The pjur AQUA Panthenol lubricant is also free from fragrance and flavor, ensuring a neutral and natural experience.

Explore a world of sensual possibilities with the pjur Aqua Panthenol Water-based Lubricant and experience worry-free pleasure.

See the full range from Pjur here.

  • 100 mL
  • Water-based anal lubricant
  • With nurturing and regenerating panthenol
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No fats, oils, or perfumes
  • Easy to rinse
  • Excellent gliding properties
  • Suitable for sex toys and latex
  • Very good grading

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to use the pjur Aqua Panthenol Water-Based Lubricant 100 ml is covered in the description above together with how it feels.

The pjur Aqua Panthenol Water-Based Lubricant 100 ml is a product developed by Pjur. Read the full product description above.

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