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Orgie Lube Tube Anal Sensitive Lubricant 100 ml



Packed with delicious formulation, get ready for your next adventure.

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Orgie Lube Tube Anal Sensitive Lubricant 100 ml description

Upgrade your play with the anal sensitive lubricant from Orgie. The Orgie Lube Tube is waiting for your command.

  • Colourless and odourless
  • Provides long-lasting lubrication
  • Safe to use with latex condoms

Spice up your lovemaking and improve the overall quality of your playful life. With the orgie lube tube anal sensitive lubricant 100 ml, the pleasure is all yours.

Provides long-lasting lubrication

Lube Tube Anal Sensitive is a hybrid water-based, and silicone intimate gel specially formulated for beginners and for those who are more sensitive to anal play. Enriched with hyaluronic acid which provides tlast8ing moisture – and Asian Centella that treats possible minor scratches eliminating discomfort after sex. Long-lasting superior grade lubrication for intense anal play. It is odorless, non-sticky, easy to clean and wash out.

Good to know

Apply to any area of the body where extra moisture is desired. Suitable for daily use. Compatible with latex condoms.

Did you know?

The Orgie Lube Tube is shipped in a plain box with no reference to the contents of the package or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel is you!

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  • Specially developed for sensitive persons
  • Suggested for beginners in anal pleasures
  • Hybrid water-based lubricant
  • Enriched with hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica
  • Non sticky
  • 12 cm x 4 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Orgie Lube Tube Anal Sensitive Lubricant 100 ml here! We have Orgie for sale. Get the best deal and prices when shopping on NOTI.

How to use the Orgie Lube Tube Anal Sensitive Lubricant 100 ml is covered in the description above together with how it feels.

The Orgie Lube Tube Anal Sensitive Lubricant 100 ml is a product developed by Orgie. Read the full product description above.

We got you covered. Find out how the Orgie Lube Tube Anal Sensitive Lubricant 100 ml works by checking out the functional description above.

We love our customers and are here to help! If you experience any issues with the Orgie Lube Tube Anal you can contact us here.

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