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Penis Rings



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Penis Rings

Give yourself the gift of harder hard-ons with a penis ring

Want to last longer in the bedroom? This handy sex toy can level up not just your endurance but also your erotic pleasure.

Faster, harder, tighter. Once sexy playtime has begun, it’s only natural to want more and more. For men, this desire manifests in the form of a proud, standing erection. But did you know that you can take this symbol of power to even greater heights? Get ready to embrace pleasure like never before with the mighty penis ring.

What is a penis ring?

A penis ring—also known as a cock ring, C ring, tension ring, erection ring—is a sex toy that wraps around the base of the penis (and sometimes testicles) to power up your performance and pleasure. When you get aroused, blood flows to your shaft and causes you to get a boner. The penis ring helps you maintain your erection by trapping this blood inside and delaying your climax.

It usually comes in a circular loop, but some penis rings have upgraded designs for added stimulation. It’s perfect for men who struggle with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. But even if you don’t experience these issues, wearing a cock ring can still elevate the way you play by giving you a stronger, longer-lasting, and extra sensitive erection.

What are the benefits of using a penis ring?

Donning on a penis ring before a romp in the sheets can improve your sex life in many ways. Here are just some of the benefits that you can expect to experience with this extraordinary toy.

1. Indulge all night long.

Gone are the days of having trouble with getting it up. With a penis ring, it’s so much easier to maintain your erection so you can go all the way with your partner. This constriction device also keeps you from erupting too fast, so you can focus on giving pleasure to your partner first.

That said, it’s important to note that penis rings should only be worn 20-30 minutes at a time. Wearing one for too long can cause permanent damage to your organ. But don’t worry. Back-to-back sessions aren’t completely off the table. Just make sure to wait at least an hour before using a penis ring again.

2. Boost your confidence

Do you ever struggle with performance anxiety? According to sex and relationship therapist Chris Donaghue, “Erections require relaxation.” A penis ring takes care of your hard-on, so you can calm down and focus on enjoying the moment with your partner.

Or maybe you want your package to be a bit bigger than usual? You’re not alone. In a study published in the Psychology of Men and Masculinity journal, 45% of men said that they’re not satisfied with their penis size and desire a larger package. You’re perfect just the way you are, but it’s totally understandable to look for an extra oomph from time to time. While penis rings can’t permanently alter your length, the tightness it provides can give the appearance of a slightly larger penis—which might just be what you need to feel more potent in the bedroom.

3. Intensify your sensations.

Whether you’re tugging it solo or indulging with someone else, wearing a cock ring can make you feel ultra sensitive down there. The tightness of the band increases every sensation you experience, whether you’re masturbating, receiving oral sex, or engaging in intercourse. And when you get to your release, it will feel mind-blowingly good to let the waves of pleasure wash all over your whole body.

4. Help your partner reach orgasm.

As much as penetration can feel good, sometimes your partner needs a little something else to reach their peak—especially if your partner is a woman. Did you know that the majority (73%) of women need or prefer clitoral stimulation to get to the Big O? Some cock rings come with special features like vibration, which can stimulate your partner’s clitoris during intercourse. This will totally level up your game and make couple play super satisfying for all parties involved.

What are the different types of penis rings?

This versatile accessory comes in four main types. Packed with delicious new experiences, each type varies in materials and features for your sensual adventures.

Stretchy Penis Rings

Made of soft flexible material like silicone, these loops are ideal for beginners. Stretchy penis rings are easy to put on and remove. Since they come in different levels of stretch, finding the perfect penis ring for you might involve some trial and error. But, worry not, because these rings are also the most affordable type and even come in sets for your convenience.

Adjustable Penis Rings

This is another great choice for beginners. Adjustable penis rings use Velcro, lasso-style adjusters, snaps, or other fasteners so you can adapt the ring to any girth for a comfortable fit. Or take things further by increasing the tightness for added pleasure. These are also super easy to remove.

Vibrating Penis Rings

This type of ring will take you and your partner to a new universe of bliss. Powered by rumbling motors, vibrating penis rings surround your cock with intense waves thatto rock your world. With each thrust, you’ll also be sending these delicious vibes to your partner’s clitoris or anus. These cock rings are usually remote-controlled or app-controlled, so you can customize your pleasure or have your partner take control even from afar.

Solid Penis Rings

These fixed-size rings are made of unyielding material like metal. They appeal to experienced users and BDSM kinksters seeking the next level of thrill and the highest level of restriction. However, we caution against using solid rings because they come with certain risks. If you get one that fits poorly, it might get stuck and cause painful penis strangulation.

How do I use a penis ring?

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. Let us show you how to safely introduce this seductive accessory, so you’re ready for your next play session.

1. Wash and prep

Cleanliness is the first step to sexiness. Wash your ring with lukewarm water and mild soap—or use a toy cleaner to make things even easier. Make sure to also clean your hands and your private area.

You might also want to consider some manscaping—since it could be painful if some pubes get caught in the ring. No need for a full Brazilian. Just some trimming will do, and even help you see down there while you’re putting it on.

2. Lube up

For a smooth glide, lube is your best friend. Apply a small amount of lubricant to both your cock ring and your penis. Make sure to use the water-based kind, especially if your ring is made of silicone. Apart from helping with the application, the lube also ensures that you’ll have a comfortable fit.

3. Slide it on slow and steady

You’ll need your (or your partner’s) two hands to make this work. With one hand, hold your semi-erect penis and use the other to slide the ring from tip, down the shaft, and all the way to the base. The ring should feel snug enough, but not too tight that you’re going numb.

We highly recommend that your penis be semi-erect when you put on the cock ring. If you put one on a flaccid appendage, you probably won’t get the maximum amount of blood flow. But if you try putting it on when you’re fully erect, you might have a hard time getting your penis to bend as needed for the application.

4. Glove up for safe sex

Safety is always the best policy. After you’ve put on your cock ring, it’s time to wrap your penis with a condom. We don’t recommend doing it the other way around, because you run the risk of ripping your condom if you put it before your penis ring.

Roll it all the way down the shaft, but make sure to leave some space between your condom and your cock ring. If they’re sticking to each other, tearing might be made more likely by friction or rubbing.

5. Remove it carefully

Mission accomplished? Dispose of the condom first before taking off your penis ring. It’s easiest to do this when your dick is back to its semi-erect or flaccid state. If you’re still having some trouble, feel free to add a few more drops of lube. Then, gently slide the ring up your staff until it’s finally off.

Keep in mind that a penis ring shouldn’t be worn for more than 20-30 minutes. If you ever experience any numbness, pain, or changes in skin color, you should take off the penis ring right away.

6. Wash it again

After every use, make sure to clean your penis ring. This prevents nasty bacteria from building up and also extends the life of your sex toy. You can use running water and mild soap again, or opt for a toy cleaning spray.

Top penis rings from NOTI

Are you ready to take your erections to the next level? We’ve rounded up the best premium penis rings for you to choose from.

Satisfyer Powerful One App-Controlled Penis Ring

Upgrade your play with the Satisfyer Powerful One, a vibrating cock ring that takes couple play to the next level. It’s made with supple, flexible, and waterproof silicone that nestles comfortably on the penis. You can control its powerful vibrations with the touch of a button or remotely using the compatible Satisfyer Connect App.

Satisfyer Strong One App-Controlled Penis Ring

Made from super-soft and body-friendly silicone, the Satisfyer Strong One intensifies your erection and gives you better stamina for lovemaking. It excites both you and your partner with earth-shaking vibrations that you can control using the One Touch Button or the free Satisfyer Connect App. And it’s completely waterproof so you can take your erotic adventures in the shower, tub, or anywhere else you like.

Lovense Diamo App-Controlled Vibrating Penis Ring

Rise up to new heights with Lovense Diamo, a vibrating penis ring designed for dual stimulation. Apart from the sweet embrace it offers to your package, it also has a curved shaft that targets your perineum with orgasmic vibrations. Connect this toy to the Lovense Remote App where you can craft unlimited vibe patterns or even sync the sensations to your favorite songs. The pleasure possibilities are endless!

Lovense Gush Remote-controlled Vibrating Glans Penis Massager

Unlike most penis rings placed at the base near your testicles, the Lovense Gush is designed to cradle your glans or the head of the penis. Made with flexible silicone, it’s easily adjustable to fit you regardless of where you fall on the size chart. Feel its 10 vibration patterns by grabbing pleasure by the hands and using this ring as a stroker. And since it connects to the Lovense Remote App, it’s perfect for close-range solo or long-distance play with a partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are penis rings safe to use?

Yes, penis rings are safe as long as they’re used properly. Remember these safety tips for a fun experience:

  • Don’t wear a penis ring for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.
  • Take it off immediately if you feel any numbness, pain, or notice any bruising.
  • Wash your sex toys before and after each use.
  • Don’t use a cock ring if you have any pre-existing conditions that already affect your blood flow, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or sickle cell anemia.

How do I put on a penis ring?

First things first, wash your sex toy, your hands, and your private area. Then, apply some water-based lube to both your cock ring and your penis. When you’re semi-erect, gently slide the ring from the tip all the way to the base. The ring should feel snug enough, but not too tight that you’re going numb.

Can penis rings make my penis bigger?

A penis ring’s primary purpose is to restrict blood flow for a more enduring erection. This phenomenon can result in your penis looking slightly larger while you’re wearing the accessory. However, once you remove it, your penis should go back to its normal size.

Can I use a condom with a cock ring?

Of course! Condoms are effective birth control and also protect you from certain STDs. Make sure to wear your cock ring first BEFORE you put on a condom. Roll it all the way down the shaft, but leave a little bit of space between your condom and your cock ring. This prevents friction or rubbing that could cause the condom to tear.

What should I do if the penis ring gets stuck?

Most penis rings come with stretchy material that prevents this problem. However, this issue can arise with solid penis rings like those made of metal.

If this happens, try not to panic. Take deep breaths. Gently touching it with some ice is also a good idea to help reduce the swelling. Once you start getting soft, it would be easier to remove the ring. You can also add a bit more lube to ease the removal process.

If this first aid doesn’t work, going to a medical professional is the best solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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