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Crave is all about delivery luxury discreet sex toys for women. With their innovative design and next level quality materials, they are taking sex-fashion to the next level. Discover our selection here!



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Your pleasure, your terms

Crave is a sexual lifestyle brand where intimate pleasure meets self-expression to empower beautiful experiences. They offer a curated range of sophisticated sex toys, including discreet vibrators that double as luxurious jewelry. Placing importance on innovative design and sustainable manufacturing, their women-led team develops sex toys that make pleasure accessible and approachable for every unique body.

What is the history of Crave?

Crave’s story began in 2010, when industrial designer Ti Chang and serial entrepreneur Michael Topolovac met by chance at a convention. At that time, Chang had already revolutionized the sexual wellness industry by pioneering the category of pleasure jewelry. She had founded INCOGNITO, a line of fashionable jewelry that are also intimate accessories. Meanwhile, Topolovac was in the early stages of founding Crave, with a goal to bring more modernity to the sex toy industry. Driven by a common mission to redefine luxury in self-love, they joined forces and brought Crave to life.

In 2011, Crave made waves by launching the world’s first-ever crowdfunded vibrator – the Duet. This elegant vibe was soon followed by their first Build-a-Vibe, a workshop that invited women and men to own their pleasure by customizing their own vibrators at the Crave Factory. Then in 2014, the Vesper Necklace arrived, introducing pleasure jewelry meant to turn heads, spark conversation, and become a symbol of sex positivity and empowerment.

Today, Crave has an advanced R&D center and factory in San Francisco where they continue pushing the envelope for women-centric design. Committed to providing the finest experiences for pleasure seekers around the globe, they oversee every step of the manufacturing process across their global supply chain with all products undergoing final fulfillment back at their facility.

What are the company values of Crave?

Crave believes that everyone should own their pleasure, because doing so can help people lead richer and more expressive lives.

Beyond making sex toys, the Crave team also inspires real conversations around pleasure, specifically female pleasure. They envision a world where women aren’t shamed for speaking about their experiences, but are instead empowered to delight in their own bodies. They work towards this vision by initiating projects like the Crave Pleasure Tour, where they transformed a vintage bus into a mobile vibrator factory, showroom, and design studio. From California to New York, they drove this bus cross-country in an effort to open conversations about sex to more Americans.

Another awesome thing about this brand is they have their own foundation! Knowing that the universal right of pleasure can never be fully realized while there is still injustice against women, they founded the CRAVE Foundation for Women. Since the company launched in 2012, Crave has been putting aside 1% of their revenue to fund the foundation’s projects, including no-strings attached grants for individuals working on pressing issues about gender-based violence and reproductive justice.

What products does Crave provide?

Crave provides meticulously crafted vibrators and pleasure jewelry for people who go after what they want. All of their vibrators are whisper-quiet, rechargeable, and designed for external use only.

Duet Classic

The sleek vibe that started it all. The Duet Classic gives you countless pleasure possibilities with its dual motor tips, four vibration modes, and four power levels. With a stainless steel base and V-shaped silicone edges, you’ll have exploring various textures and surfaces for different sensations. You’ll have fun exploring its various edges and surfaces for different sensations too. It’s also waterproof and whisper-quiet, so you can take your sexy moments anywhere you please.

Duet Pro

Still craving for more? The Duet Pro is the latest generation of Crave’s flagship product, now upgraded with customizable vibration patterns. On top of the 16 classic settings and TURBO, you can program and design your own vibes using the MyVibes app on your computer. It’s easy to use too – just plug your Duet Pro into your computer’s USB, download the app, and get ready for next-level passion.


Beauty and pleasure combine in Vesper, a strong slim external vibrator that you can wear as an elegant necklace. Made with body-safe high polish 316 stainless steel, this splashproof toy comes in three stunning finishes: 24kt Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. Own your pleasure and make a bold statement by rocking this innovative sex jewelry.


Are you looking for the perfect travel vibrator? The Flex is a light and whisper-quiet vibe with an ultra-soft flexible tip that hugs the contours of your body, so you can direct pleasure where you need it the most. Despite its cute size, the Flex packs 4 power levels and 3 patterns to bring you to your peak. And it has a travel lock, so you can rest assured that it won’t accidentally turn on while you’re on the go.

Duet Flex

This sensational toy combines the orgasmic powers of Crave’s two crowdfunded fan favorites. The Duet Flex features flexible dual tips that embrace your curves, surround your clitoris, and bend to fit your personal desires. Made with velvety-soft and waterproof silicone, it also comes amplified with 16 vibration patterns that you can easily control using the three buttons on this compact vibrator.


Crafted to look like your typical tube of mascara, the Wink+ is a small yet mighty vibrator that can sit pretty in your bedroom or fit easily in your purse to accompany you for on-the-go pleasure. It’s made with high quality stainless steel to provide intense pinpoint stimulation. You can also explore different sensations with its 5 speeds, 2 patterns, and an optional silicone cap for a more silky texture.


This is Crave’s elevated take on the classic bullet vibe. With a powerful motor, superior stainless steel body, and a rechargeable battery, the Bullet is designed to outshine other compact vibes. It delivers rumbling vibrations without the high-pitched noise of other bullets. Instead, this waterproof toy only emits quiet bass notes. For enhanced stimulation, it’s also compatible with any toys and accessories that fit a traditional 60mm bullet vibrator. Or you can slip on the silicone sleeve it comes with for gentler caresses.

ICON Cuffs

Show off your wild side with this pleasure jewelry that combines your desire for intimate play and self-expression. Made with genuine leather and ravishing metal hardware, the ICON Cuffs are elegant adjustable bracelets that also work as handcuffs. You can wear them stacked together on one wrist, as a reminder of your sexual power or a subtle signal to your partner that you enjoy the wilder things in life. Or wear each cuff on each wrist for those hot steamy nights when you crave some restraint play.

ID Cuffs

Not a big fan of leather? You can also wear your desire on your sleeve with the ID Cuffs, silicone stacked bracelets that you can whip out as handcuffs for light intimate play. Crafted with body-safe waterproof silicone and stainless steel adornments, the ID Cuffs are adjustable for your comfort and classy additions to your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pleasure jewelry?

Pleasure jewelry is a groundbreaking category of sex toys that double as wearable accessories. Crave has designed the Vesper, ICON Cuffs, and ID Cuffs so that you can own your pleasure while making a bold fashion statement at the same time.

How do I charge my Crave toys?

You can charge your Crave toys by simply connecting them into any standard USB port. You also have the option of hassle-free cordless charging with the Flex and Duet variants, thanks to the charger plug attached to the toys’ bodies.

Are Crave toys waterproof?

Most Crave toys are waterproof, so you can bring them to the shower or tub for some wet playtime. The only Crave toy that isn’t waterproof is the ICON Cuffs, since they are made with genuine leather.

Can I use lube with my Crave toys?

Yes, we advise using water-based lubes especially to protect your toys made with phthalate-free silicone. As for toys with stainless steel bodies, feel free to experiment with oil-based lubes or even silicone based lubes for various experiences.

How do I clean and maintain my Crave toys?

You can clean most Crave toys with running water and soap. After washing, pat them dry with a soft cloth before storing them or wearing them again. You can also spray their entire surface with a sex toy cleaner, then wipe the solution off with a clean towel.

As for the ICON Cuffs, you can wipe them with a damp, soapy cloth. Please use as little water as possible, and never submerge the leather bracelets in water. Then, completely remove the soap residue by wiping it with a clean damp cloth. Or you can forego these steps and use a sex toy cleaner for more convenience. After the ICON Cuffs have been air-dried, you can keep the leather in tip-top shape by conditioning them with saddle soap or mink oil.

Did you know?

Crave toys are available in the Philippines, thanks to our sex shop! puts these pleasure jewelry within your fingertips' reach. If you want to check out the luxurious collection, you can scroll up and find the famed toys under the “Crave” catalog on our site.

Every package can be delivered directly to your doorstep. We guarantee discreet packaging without reference to the parcel's contents or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel is you!

Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality sex toys without toxic ingredients are safe to use. Here at NOTI, we partner only with trusted brands that provide products made with body-safe materials. It's also important to always clean your sex toys regularly, store them in a clean, dry place, and use them responsibly. Doing all of this would ensure you have a safe and pleasurable time going to town with your toyfriends.

If you’re new to sex and the city, we recommend you try vibrators first. That’s because according to one study, more than 7 out of 10 women need or prefer clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. See if that takes you to town!

Many factors can contribute to anorgasmia or inability to achieve orgasm, ranging from hormonal changes to anxiety. Of course, toys can help women whose problem is insufficient clitoral stimulation. But when the issue is more psychological in nature, sex therapy may be necessary.

One common misconception about sex toys is how it could make you feel numb down there. While that does happen after prolonged use, the effect is almost always temporary. If you need to, refrain from use for a few days to get your good vibes back.

Sex toys are a wonderful addition to your overall experience between partners. Their functionality can help enhance your foreplay in a lot of ways. But if this becomes an issue, just assure your partner that toys aren’t meant to replace the attachment or attraction you have for your partner.

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