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G-Spot Vibrators

Have you ever been so turned on that your body seemed to be gone? It's as if everything just vanished and all the sensations were focused in one place. Well, there is a name for it! The G-spot vibrator was designed specially with this intense orgasmic pleasure in mind!

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Lovense Lush 3 App-Controlled G-Spot Vibrator ₱ 7,295
8 Reviews
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G-spot Vibrators

Dive deeper into pleasure with a G-spot vibrator

Having trouble hitting that bullseye in bed? Meet the G-spot vibrator, the toy that never fails to find your inner sweet spot.

There are a number of things that are so hard to find - the perfect selfie angle, a bra that doesn't pinch, and the elusive G-spot. While we might not be able to help you with your selfie problems, we do have the perfect solution to finding that sweet spot. The answer? A good G-spot vibrator. But before we go explore that sex toy, let's talk about this part of the female anatomy that people are always looking for.

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot is more of an area inside the vagina than a distinct spot behind the pubic bone area. It used to be viewed as a separate body part of the female anatomy, but recent studies revealed that it is actually a part of the clitoral network. In short, when you direct stimulation to the G-spot, you are actually stimulating the clitoris.

The erogenous zone's full name is actually the Gräfenberg spot after the German gynecologist named Ernst Gräfenberg who first wrote about this "erotic zone". And if we're talking about who coined this term into existence, it would be better to look at sexologist Dr. Beverly Whipple whose research in the 1980s brought attention to this special part.

But really, the G should stand for "Grail" because this patch of your body is a Holy Grail of pleasure. It's a much sought-after, sometimes hard to locate, area in the body that tickles your clitoris from the inside. It can be difficult to pinpoint where an individual's G-spot is simply because our bodies are different. But, the search is very rewarding. Stimulating this erogenous zone can help women achieve that toe-curling vaginal orgasm.

What are G-spot vibrators?

G-spot vibrators are sex toys that massage your internal sweet spots. It comes in a phallus shape, or a variation of it. The precisely curved shaft of these toys reach into your body's natural curves for pinpoint stimulation. Some toys also come in unique forms for a redesigned experience of targeted excitement.

Note that the erogenous zone responds really well to pressure, which is why G-spot vibrators are very effective in eliciting vaginal orgasm. These internal sex toys also allow you to massage the sensitive area with their curved tip. The vibration is almost like a bonus. It penetrates the nerve endings deep inside the body. The combination of stimulation can even lead to female ejaculation (yes, squirting is real) and intense orgasms.

How do you use a G-spot vibrator?

The first step is to locate where your G-spot is. It is most commonly found about two to three inches inside the vagina. You can use a finger or two to stimulate the area using a come-hither motion. Run your digits along the front wall. When you hit a spot that makes your toes want to curl, you can use your vibrator to target the area. Experiment with different speeds and vibration intensity until you find a setting that will leave your body tingling all over.

Here are more tips for harnessing the G-spot vibrator's features that will get you to climax for sure:

  • Use different modes and motions. Play with various vibrations modes to find which one can excite you the most. And don't just rely on what your toy can provide. Combine the delicious vibrations with thrusting motions. Experiment with deep and shallow thrusts and apply varying pressure on your hot spot.
  • Use a water-based lubricant. Making things slick isn't just to prevent too much friction between the skin and the toy. Including lube in the mix will add a new, fluid dimension to your play time. We recommend water-based lubricants, since silicone ones could damage your silicone toys.
  • Get it wet. If you have a waterproof (IPX7 please, not just splashproof!) vibrator, bring it with you in the shower or the tub and get some much appreciated release.
  • Go for blended orgasms by stimulating the external clitoris. You can go solo or explore with a partner. Alternate between internal and external stimulation or have your partner go down on you while using this unique vibe to send you over the edge.

Top G-spot Vibrators from NOTI

NOTI carries a wide range of G-spot vibrators that are sure to deliver orgasm after orgasm. Below are some of the best for you to choose from.

Lora DiCarlo Onda

The Onda evokes the feeling of fingers brushing over your most delicate parts using micro-robotics. Add the pleasing dimension of rumbling sensations at any time as you experiment with four different stroke positions along your body.

Lovense Lush 3 App-Controlled G-spot Vibrator

The Lush 3's curves tease your innermost sensitive spot, while the sleek fixed tail design ensures it stays in position by hugging your body. The Bluetooth feature promises enjoyment for up to 30 feet, while the Lovense Remote app offers limitless vibration and intensity settings you can customize.

Satisfyer Double Love App-Controlled Couple Vibrator

The Double Love is a U-shaped vibrator worn during penetrative play to stimulate the G-spot and other pleasure zones for you and your partner. Create custom vibration patterns with the Satisfyer Connect App with limitless vibration possibilities.

Basiks Rechargeable G-spot Vibrator

The Basiks G-spot vibrator has a seductively elegant form with a smooth body and an angled head for concentrated stimulation in your pleasure zone.

Romp Hype G-spot Vibrator

The Hype easily reaches your pleasure center thanks to its curved tip made of Romp's 'Tender Touch' silicone. Choose your favorite vibration intensity from its six vibration modes, and four vibration patterns.

Fun Factory Minivibes Amorino Indiared Vibrator Mini

The Amorino is a compact vibrator with six vibration patterns and six speeds to enjoy. The curved design targets stimulation to your pleasure points with ease.

Satisfyer Pro+ G-spot Rabbit Vibrator

The Pro+ bathes your clitoral area in pleasing airwaves and provides tickling buzzes to your hot spot There are 11 pressure wave settings on the clitoral stimulator and ten on the vibrator, giving you 110 various ways to play.

Svakom Cici G-spot Vibrator

The Cici is a slim vibrator with an adjustable, ridged head that you can bend from 0 to 180 degrees. The 30° curve and ergonomic handle effortlessly hit all the perfect locations while you try its five vibration options.

Lora DiCarlo Sway

Depending on the sensations you want, the dual-ended motors on each side of the Sway vibrate and stimulate. The toy radiates gentle heat that relaxes your muscles and improves circulation for an added dimension of pleasure.

Lovense Ocsi 2 App-Controlled G-spot Vibrator

The Osci 2's oval head provides exact G-spot stimulation. Its oscillating feature that stimulates your internal pleasure centers with tantalizing turns sets the vibe apart. Personalize the Osci's vibrating patterns with the Lovense Remote app with limitless options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the G-spot?

It's an area inside the vagina behind the pubic bone area. It's also part of the clitoral network, so stimulating this spot can lead to vaginal orgasms and even female ejaculation for some lucky ladies.

How can I find my G-spot?

It's most commonly found about two to three inches inside the vagina. Use a finger or two to stimulate the area using a curved come-hither motion. Run your digits along the front wall or go as deep as you can until you hit a spot that makes your toes want to curl.

What is the difference between a dildo and a G-spot vibrator?

Dildos are elongated sex toys designed to look like a penis. It provides pleasure primarily through penetration and thrusting movements. A G-spot vibrator can be phallic-shaped, but its primary purpose is to provide internal stimulation through vibration.

Can I use a G-spot vibrator for anal play?

Generally speaking, most toys that are used for stimulating the G-spot can be used to stimulate your backdoor and even the male prostate. However, the toy should have a flared (wider) base or anything that can anchor it outside the body for it to be safely used for anal play.

Did you know?

G-spot vibrators are available in the Philippines, thanks to our sex shop! puts these curvaceous sex toys within your fingertips' reach. If you want to check out the high-tech collection, you can scroll up and find the famed toys under the "G-Spot Vibrators” catalog on our site.

Every package can be delivered directly to your doorstep. We guarantee discreet packaging without reference to the parcel's contents or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel is you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Women can rely on a wide selection of vibrators for internal or external stimulation. Still, it’s worth noting that 7 out of 10 women need clitoral stimulation for orgasm. That means for these people, it could be worth investing in compact (e.g. bullet, egg) or powerful (e.g. wand) options.

People suspect that vibrators could decrease the sensitivity of your clitoris after frequent use. But they’ve never been proven to produce long-term side effects. Our body could just be tired from prolonged contact. If this occurs, give it a rest for a few days, and you’ll eventually find your sexual appetite returning.

Lubricants are optional for vaginal stimulation, but using it would definitely reduce friction and make for a smoother, more sensual experience overall. Applying lubricants to your dildo, kegel balls, or butt plug will also make the experience feel better. However, it’s a must for anal stimulation, since the anus doesn’t naturally provide its own lubrication. Be careful not to use silicone-based lubricants with silicone vibrators.

Condoms can extend the lifespan of your sex toy and make cleanup easier. So if the size and shape allow it, they’re never a bad idea. Change the condom before it comes into contact with another part of your body. Also, never use condoms coated with silicone-based lubricants for silicone vibrators.

Sex toy cleaners, which are specially formulated for vibrators like yours, would be your best bet for cleaning and maintenance. Read the manual for more details. Also take the time to inspect it for any sign of damage—if you spot cracks, stop using the device immediately.

Not all vibrators are safe for anal penetration. Check if yours has a flare or handle at the other end before going through the backdoor. You wouldn’t want, say, your egg vibrator stuck inside your anus, because that would mean an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Troubleshooting can be relatively easy for vibrators. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the batteries or cord in working order?
  • Are all components properly secured?
  • Is there any foreign object jamming the switch?

On the rare occasion that the device heats up or malfunctions, stop using the device and have it checked.

Communication is extremely essential in this case. Be honest about how and where you want to please yourself with your sex toy. But more importantly, remind him that these mechanical sensations would never replace the physical and emotional pleasure you get from him alone.

Still got questions?

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