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Sex Stories

Bound for Pleasure

Indulge yourself in blind satisfaction as a small present seductively wrapped in red— how far will your other senses take you?

I open my wardrobe and immediately purse my lips at the sight. It’s not that I couldn’t find anything to wear. But the shoes littering the lowest shelf are a problem, since they leave no room for the new pair of nude heels in my hands.

My nose wrinkles at the musty smell— I should probably clean out my closet when I have more time. But just as I’m about to give up, a box with a lace ribbon catches my eye. I faintly recognize the item. Was this a wedding gift?

I pull it out and slowly unravel the strip of fabric. The material splays across my lap when I lift off the cardboard lid. And there it is, my best friend’s flowy handwriting across a powder pink stationery.

"Now that you and Ken have tied the knot, there's nothing stopping you from getting more action. Seriously, you workaholics should play around more!"

Cheeky. Now I feel a little guilty, because I haven't really found a use for it. Neither did we ever "get more action." It's a Friday night, and yet we're both just indoors reeling from the busy workweek.

I place the card on the floor and examine the contents. A white floral two-piece lingerie sits on top with see-through tulle and swirls. This innocent look doesn’t really fit me, a five-foot-eight woman with an athletic build.

I don’t even bother with what looked like black spandex. I look intimidating enough.

There’s also a nude one with a lot of straps, but I don’t have the patience to figure out how to put it on.

Thankfully, at the bottom of the pile is a seductively red one-piece. I take off the oversized white T-shirt I stole from Ken’s closet and hold up the lingerie in front of me. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

I slide into the crimson garment and tie it up with a ribbon, like a halter. The front is adorned with small ribbons around the cleavage, the belly button, and down my intimate parts. They slyly draw attention from my collarbones down to my crotch.

The cold gust from our air conditioner tickles my bare back. My ass is now in full display, with the g-string barely keeping the lingerie in place.

The plastic crinkles underneath my foot, and I realize there’s still something left inside. I crouch down, shaking out the red strip of fabric of about an arm’s length. I’m not sure what this is for, though I slither the fabric around my neck like a bow anyway.

Ken’s still in the dining room, reviewing some reports for next week’s company meeting. He’d probably appreciate a break. I quickly shove the other pieces back inside the box and kick it towards the side before jumping on the bed, feeling the springs dip and bounce underneath my folded legs.

“Ken, can you help me with something, please?” I project my voice a little louder than usual, hoping I didn’t need to say it again.

Footsteps draw closer towards the bedroom door. Then Ken slowly walks in, eyes still glued on his iPad and glasses resting on the tip of his nose. He’s still in his corporate attire— a gray button-down with navy slacks— though he’s swapped his usual dress shoes for slides.

“What’s up?” he asks lightly before lifting his gaze… and stopping dead in his tracks.

I can sense he’s trying to stop the corners of his mouth from pulling upwards. He casually scratches the back of his head, but his eyes are predatory in the way they graze my body. His Adam’s apple bobs visibly as he gulps down whatever he was about to say.

Ken rakes his fingers through his hair and looks at the floor before making eye contact again. He carefully sets his tablet on the bedside table and sits at the foot of the king-sized bed. Then he draws closer to tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ear.

“I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet right now.” He exhales, leaning back into his left arm. “But if you wanted to do it, you could’ve just said so.” 

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t get the same reaction, would I?” I reply coolly, though my fingers clench the sheets.

Ken brushes his knuckles on my cheek and chuckles. “You look as red as your outfit,” he remarks, a lilt of mischief in his voice.

Ken’s gaze lingers on the ribbon on my neck. He takes one end and slowly pulls it away before looping it behind my head, covering my eyes. In a few calculated twists, he has repurposed it into a blindfold.

I draw in a shaky breath and blink a few times behind the cloth. My other senses sharpen almost immediately in the dark. I hear an amused huff— I can only imagine the wide grin on his face. The bed shifts slightly; he must be leaning back to get a better view.

“I think I like it better when it’s tied up there instead.” His knee makes the mattress dip down to my left as his long, nimble fingers cup my face. “It covered up one of your most sensitive spots.”

As if to prove his point, he starts drawing swirls with his thumb down from the base of my jaw down to my collarbones. Shivers dance on my shoulders and upper arms.

“Want me to take control tonight?” Ken’s voice sounds a little raspy, just like how it is when his throat is dry. I nod slowly, though I’m a bit nervous. The thought of having to surrender all control is making me tremble with desire.

I feel him hurriedly propping up the pillows behind me. His right hand gently takes my left shoulder, while his left snakes to the base of my lower back. He lowers me until my back comes into contact with the puff of cotton behind me.

Deep breaths. I focus on steadying my hands beside my torso. Meanwhile, Ken grabs my inner thighs and spreads my legs as he positions himself between them.

He slams his hand on the headboard, and the bed shifts forward. I jolt in surprise. As if in apology, he brushes his nose against mine. A soft piece of fabric— his necktie?— drags along the exposed skin of my stomach, making my back arch upwards.

“Relax, Liana.” His breath fans my face with every syllable. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Ken goes in for a kiss and parts my lips with his tongue. A small gasp escapes me as his fingers brush against my nipples through the delicate fabric. The same hand slides underneath, undoing the ribbon tied at my cleavage.

Pressing his forehead against mine, he breaks the kiss to take a breath. I take this moment to reach for his chest and loosen his necktie. But before I could undo the buttons of his shirt, he straightens up and fumbles with it instead. Another light thud on the headboard.

“Sorry, but no hands tonight, baby.” Ken takes my wrists and uses the silky fabric in his hands to tie them above my head. Before I could protest, he places my legs a little above his thighs, yanking my waist upward. 

I take in a sharp breath as I feel him go for my neck. My back arches upwards again, and this time I have to bite down a moan. He’s right. My neck really is sensitive.

Ken must be getting impatient himself, since he undoes the ribbon holding up the lingerie with his teeth. He grazes my collarbones with them as well before dragging his lips down to my nipples. 

He stimulates one breast with slow, playful strokes of his tongue, while his hand gets busy exploring the other. Then he skillfully switches sides, and the sensation is maddening. My nipples aren’t the only ones starting to get moist.

Ken gently tugs on my nipple with his teeth, and I draw in a sharp breath. In one swift motion, he peels off my lingerie and leaves a trail of kisses downward. 

His hands find their way to my inner thighs as he repositions himself, fingers spreading my labia apart. I could feel his heavy breath on my clit as he pauses for a moment before closing in the space with his tongue. His tongue has been very aggressive tonight. 

My fingers tighten their grip on silk in an attempt to brace myself for the end. But just as I am nearing my peak, he lightly blows on my clit as he lifts his head.

I arch my hips upward, begging him to continue. “Not yet, baby,” he whispers, and I try not to groan.

The sheets rustle, and the bed shifts even more until I hear a small laugh and the thud of his belt buckle on the floor. He hooks both my legs over his shoulders, much to my surprise. I slide towards the pile of pillows behind my back. 

I draw my arms into my chest when he starts to run his length along my vulva, the entrance getting more and more slippery with each pass. Ken pushes in the tip and stops. He presses it in again ever so slightly and halts midway. I bite down my lip hard, and he advances further by a hair’s breadth.

Ken,” I growl, getting impatient myself. Teasing me, he slides it in even more slowly. I try to maneuver my hips but he goes in the opposite direction. “Please,” I mutter, silently hoping I don’t sound too desperate.

He grabs me by the waist once more then rocks my hips. He’d pick up the pace every now and then, but he would slow down every single time I’d reach the edge. I wriggle my hands, trying to break free to no avail— he did too good of a job keeping the necktie in place.

Sensing my annoyance, Ken relents, lowering one of my legs and lifting the other one as he penetrates me deeper. He pounds faster and harder. I lose my grip on reality as a long, sweeping climax shatters my system.

He releases inside me, and I’ve never really noticed how warm it felt until now.

Ken pulls out and rests his body next to mine, undoing my blindfold as he did so. I squint at him, my eyes still adjusting to the sudden change in brightness. I could make out his flushed cheeks, messy hair, and lazy smile.

“I missed looking at your eyes,” he says almost shyly before kissing the space between my brows. He unties my arms and massages the red markings the necktie left behind. “I’m sorry about this.”

“It’s alright.” I match his lazy smile. “I liked it anyway. But I prefer seeing you too.” I wrap my arms around his neck and rest my head in the crook of his neck. He tips my chin upwards and says, “I love you.”

He leans in for another kiss, this time slowly and tenderly as our bodies melted into each other.

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