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Lora DiCarlo Filare
Lora DiCarlo Filare
Lora DiCarlo Filare
Lora DiCarlo Filare
Lora DiCarlo Filare
Lora DiCarlo Filare
Lora DiCarlo Filare
Sex Toys > Vibrators > Clitoral Stimulators

Lora DiCarlo Filare



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Lora DiCarlo Filare description

Mimics The Feeling Of A Skillful Tongue

  • Two stimulation beads surround your clitoris, or anywhere else, with clockwise, counterclockwise, or back-and-forth swirling motions.
  • Adjust the height of the stimulation beads for deeper pressure and full body contact.
  • Ten speed settings let you build from gentle edging to an intense vibration-like stimulation.


Any Way You Want It

Set Filare's dual touch stimulation points to smoothly rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise or swirl back and forth.


Reach New Heights

Want a lighter touch? Or a bolder stroke? With two ball heights, Filare lets you control how far the stimulation points press out of the soft silicone


Filare knows its way around. Its dual stimulation points mimic the feel of a skillful tongue circling and stroking the glans.

Its customizable controls let you determine just the right amount of touch and build the intensity from slow and sensual to a breathless full vibe. Filare nestles in your palm and angles to your unique shape, making it the perfect partner for maximum sensation.

See the full range from Lora DiCarlo here.

  • 3 Stimulation Modes
  • Waterproof
  • 10 Intensity Settings
  • "Skillfull Circular Movements"
  • Adjustable Speed & Pressure

Frequently Asked Questions

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