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Kama Sutra Aromatic Massage Oil Pleasure Garden 236 ml



Experienc passionate and seductive evenings with Kama Sutra's Aromatic Massage Oil.

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Get ready for a sexy evening with Kama Sutra Aromatic Massage Oil Pleasure Garden 236 ml.

Produced with essential oils to promote deep relaxation. This rich, soothing formula makes it a pleasure to give or receive a sensuous, full-body massage. Kama Sutra's Aromatic Massage Oil's can be used in the bath and directly onto the body. It will help in keeping your skin hydrated, luminous and silky smooth.

Pleasure Garden is a combination of rose, jasmine and sandalwood - a euphoric floral blend designed to promote feelings of joy and lessen inhibitions.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Big O stands for orgasm, but it might as well be the hormone oxytocin. It’s known as the “cuddle hormone” for when you snuggle up with another person. Plus, you get a heady dose of dopamine, the feel-good hormone that makes you crave more.

There are many ways, but it all boils down to two things: knowing what you want and communicating it to your partner. Don’t be afraid to explore your sexuality and what makes you feel good. And let your man know what you found out—now that’s sexy!

Many would try to dictate how long sex should last for it to be great, but really, there’s no hard and fast rule to this. Whether you’ve just had a quickie or you were up all night, what matters more is if the experience was pleasurable for you.

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If you’re asking this question, that alone should be cause for alarm, because sex shouldn’t hurt. Applying lube before penetration might help soothe the pain, especially when your vagina doesn’t self-lubricate as much. But if the symptom persists, consult a doctor.

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