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Svakom is a global high-end fun brand aiming to provide the best sexual lifestyle for users around the globe. Founded in 2013, Svakom released Siime - the world's first intelligent endoscopic product. This sensationalized and revolutionized the industry. The company offers high-end products that are innovative and made with premium materials that make it easy to enjoy your sexuality.

The SVAKOM mission statement is "To be a leading provider of innovative safer sex products."



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Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality sex toys without toxic ingredients are safe to use. Just remember to always clean them regularly, store them in a clean, dry place, and use them responsibly. Doing all of this would greatly minimize your odds of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

If you’re new to sex and the city, we recommend you try vibrators first. That’s because according to one study, more than 7 out of 10 women need or prefer clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. See if that takes you to town!

Many factors can contribute to anorgasmia or inability to achieve orgasm, ranging from hormonal changes to anxiety. Of course, toys can help women whose problem is insufficient clitoral stimulation. But when the issue is more psychological in nature, sex therapy may be necessary.

One common misconception about sex toys is how it could make you feel numb down there. While that does happen after prolonged use, the effect is almost always temporary. If you need to, refrain from use for a few days to get your good vibes back.

Sex toys are a wonderful addition to your overall experience between partners. Their functionality can help enhance your foreplay in a lot of ways. But if this becomes an issue, just assure your partner that toys aren’t meant to replace the attachment or attraction you have for your partner.

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Author, posted by Prism Kristensen
Posted by Prism Kristensen

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