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Created by women, for women.

Iroha believes that seeking pleasure for the body is a key element of self-care. Thus, this brand devotes itself to creating items and gadgets that will provide women with a sexual experience that is unlike any other. This Japanese luxury brand is a sister brand of Tenga, a company that produces male masturbation aids.

The self-pleasure products from Iroha are designed to look like works of art, with their gentle curves and gorgeous candy colors. They are items that women would love to buy themselves and not be embarrassed to own. Each product reflects some Japanese elements with a modern twist. They are great additions to your bedside collection.

What is the history and background of Iroha?

The history of Iroha dates back to 2012, when Tenga launched it as its sister brand. On March 3 of that year, Iroha came to be, featuring a line of three vibrators designed for women. The products became quite popular after being endorsed by Yuka Minena.

After eight years, the people of Iroha managed to expand the three original lines to nine. All of the products that the brand released were vibrators for women. Iroha came to be known, especially in the west, as a Japanese brand of sex toys that had unique design elements and unusual aesthetics.

The women of Iroha maintain that satisfying the body's needs for pleasure is as natural and as important as being active or getting rest. They designed products that allow women to respond safely to those natural needs.

What products does Iroha provide?

Iroha provides beautifully and intelligently crafted sex toys with designs rooted in Japanese traditions. The brand strived to manufacture pleasure products that looked amazing and were easy to use. It embodies the term “form and function.”


This collection features three luxurious women’s vibrators encased in supple-looking silicone skin. They feel super soft and silky smooth to provide velvety stimulation to bring your pleasure closer.

The Iroha collection consists of the Yuki (white, snowman-like vibrator with a semi-insertable tip), the Midori (green vibrator that is wide on one side and has a smaller tip to deliver pin-point sensations), and the Sakura (cherry-blossom pink vibrator that has a cut at one end for gentle pinching).


The Iroha+ collection is an upgrade of the original Iroha toys. The three vibrators included in this line feature a more powerful motor and splashproof designs. All three have defined edges so you can precisely direct the mild vibrations towards your pleasure spots.

The Iroha+ collection includes the Tori (red, bird-shaped vibrator with a small insertable tip), the Kushi (cream vibrator with multiple ribs on its surface to give you intense friction), and the Yoru (black vibrator with a small opening on one end for teasing and squeezing).

Iroha FIT

The Iroha FIT is another addition to the family. The collection features two vibrators covered with the same pliable SoftTouch material. The FIT vibrators are designed to fit the contours of your body better. This collection includes the Mikazuki (yellow, crescent-shaped insertable vibrator) and the Minamo (pale-blue, wave-shaped vibrator with gentle ripples on the shaft). The former is smooth and slightly slimmer. It is perfect for beginners who are interested in exploring their bodies.

Iroha Temari

Temari is a cloth ball with decorative stitchings on the surface. This Japanese handicraft was originally made as a toy but evolved to become an art form. The Temari is the inspiration for this collection of unique-looking vibrators.

The Iroha Temari is a vibrating ball powered by a strong motor. The decorative ball sits in a unique holder that dulls the transmission of vibrations. It comes in three designs: the Mizu, the Kaze, and the Hana.

Iroha Ukidama

The Iroha Ukidama sets the mood for intimate self-pleasure. This tiny gadget can be used as a bath light or massager. It comes in three designs: Take, the Hoshi, and Hana. You can bring them with you during tub time and surround yourself with their soothing light. Take one and use its vibration mode for a pleasurable massage.

Iroha Mini

The Iroha Mini is a candy-colored, palm-sized clitoral vibrator. This small yet powerful toy is tapered on one side to provide targeted stimulation. It is easy to use with just one button. The Mini comes in three color combinations: the Fuji Lemon, the Ume-Anzu, and the Sora-Mikan.

Iroha Petit

The Iroha Petit can help heat or cool things down in the bedroom. This self-pleasure product is 98% water. You can chill it in your refrigerator or warm it in hot water for sensual stimulation. Rub it where you need it, then throw it away. Iroha Petit comes in three designs: Shell (with pleated ribs), Plum (with rounded surfaces), and Lily (with distinct edges).

Iroha Stick

For pleasure on the go, you can try the Iroha stick. These tiny vibrators are compact and easy to hold. They look like lipstick tubes; you can twist the holder to change the vibration intensity. Pop them in your purse, and no one will be the wiser. The tips are made of soft, pliable material with a small cut at the top for precise stimulation. The Iroha Stick comes in three colors: coral x gray, lilac x black, and light pink x white.

Iroha Zen

The Iroha Zen is a mini vibrator with rows of pleats on the outer silicone. This texture provides some much-needed friction for a different kind of sensation. It has a long, wand-like shape for easy handling, so you can touch, tease, and twist it for a variety of delicious sensations. This vibrator comes in three colors: Matcha (green), Hanacha (peach), and Yuzucha (yellow).

Iroha Rin

The Iroha Rin is an insertable vibrator covered with the brand’s patented ultra-soft silicone. You can use this to stimulate your erogenous zones or massage your G-spot. This vibe has a squishy, spherical tip for easy insertion. It offers four vibration modes to tease and excite you. This vibrator comes in two colors: Akane (maroon base) and Kogane (yellow base). There is also a rechargeable version of this toy - the Iroha Rin+. It also offers four vibration intensities and two pulse patterns. This model comes in two colors: Hisui (green) and Sango (pink).

Frequently asked questions about Iroha

What is the SoftTouch material?

The SoftTouch material used exclusively for Iroha products is a supple silicone material with a smooth finish. This material glides gently on the skin and is softer than any other material out there. It also has an anti-dust coating that protects your toys from lint and dust.

What lubricant can I use with my Iroha toy?

Be sure to use only water-based lubricants. Stay away from oil or silicone-based lubricants, as well as baby oil and massage oils. These will cause deformation or discoloring of the products.

Did you know?

Iroha products are available in the Philippines, thanks to our sex shop! puts these unique bedroom formulas within your fingertips' reach. If you want to check out the diverse collection, you can find the famed products under the ‘Iroha’ catalog on our site. Every package can be delivered directly to your doorstep. We guarantee discreet packaging without reference to the parcel's contents or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel is you!

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