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Fifty Shades

Packed with delicious new experiences, Fifty Shades is ready for your next adventure. 



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Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Indulge your wildest fantasies

Fifty Shades of Grey is the official pleasure collection created by Lovehoney and approved by E. L. James, author of the best-selling novel series that inspired the collection. The steamy novels ignited readers’ curiosity about kink and BDSM. This collection of sex toys, BDSM gear, and accessories was created to satisfy those readers’ curiosity.

The collection of blindfolds, handcuffs, ticklers, paddles, riding crops, and more became one of the fastest-selling products in Europe when it was released in 2012. Demand was so high that products were getting sold out based on pre-orders. Each item is there to inspire creativity and exploration of your limits in the bedroom. Looking to act out a steamy scene from the books? The Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure collection can be your companion as you explore your wildest fantasies – either by yourself, as you channel your inner Anastasia Steele, or with your very own Christian Grey.

What products does Fifty Shades of Grey provide?

The Fifty Shades of Grey collection provides high-quality and reasonably priced products that you can use no matter what your level of experience in BDSM is. It features familiar supplies like ball gags and blindfolds to the more elaborate harnesses that you’ll need to have the most erotic play. The collection boasts over a hundred thrilling toys and accessories, all made to spice up your sex life whether you’ve read the books or not.


One of the most popular products in the line is the Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. Tailor-made orgasms are within your reach with this rechargeable rabbit vibrator that combines silky silicone with 36 possible vibration mode combinations. Its shape perfectly hits your G-spot as the rabbit’s ears engulf the clitoris for the most satisfying thrill. You can also find it in a mini version.

Want more?

Check out the Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator. On top of the delicious vibrations it delivers, this leveled-up version also offers a vigorous thrusting movement that you can use to massage your G-spot. Other rabbit vibrators from this collection are the Oh My Rechargeable rabbit vibe and the Greedy Girl Slimline. The Sensation Rechargeable G-spot rabbit vibrator has the same function as the Greedy Girl but is hands-free.

For more G-spot vibrators, you can never go wrong with the Insatiable Desire mini silicone G-spot vibrator or the Sensation Rechargeable mini wand vibrator.

Want to start the party while you’re still outside? Check out Relentless Vibrations remote knicker vibrator. Nobody will know that you’ve already started playing.

If you get off on stimulating your clit, then the Sweet Touch mini clitoral vibrator is what you need. It has a unique tip that engulfs the clit for targeted stimulation without pain. For direct stimulation, go for the Sensation Rechargeable clitoral vibrator or the Sensation Rechargeable bullet vibrator.

For some tongue-like action, check out the Sensation Rechargeable flickering tongue vibrator. Its flexible tip will give you 20 delicious speeds and patterns of targeted stimulation.

Kegel balls

Inner Goddess is another bestseller. These silver pleasure balls are excellent for stimulating the G-spot and toning your pelvic floor muscles. The combined weight of 221 g makes for a more challenging kegel exercise that will leave you quivering. The Inner Goddess line also features the Color Changing Jiggle balls, Silver Jiggle balls, and Tighten and Tense silicone jiggle balls. There is also the Beyond Aroused kegel ball set.

For a remote-controlled kegel-exercising tool and discreet pleasure device, go for the Relentless Vibrations remote kegel balls. Finally, a way to make exercising more pleasurable!

Cock rings

Yours and Mine is the perfect toy that delivers shared pleasure. This waterproof, vibrating cock ring not only enhances the erection but also provides spine-tingling vibrations that can intensify any sexual experience. The ring adjusts to any penis size, and the top-mounted stimulator ensures pleasure for you and your partner.

Other vibrating cock rings from this brand are the Sensation Rechargeable Vibrating Rabbit love ring, Feel It Baby!, and the Sensation Rechargeable vibrating love ring.

If you want to go old school, there’s also A Perfect O silicone cock ring. It’s plain with no vibrating feature, but it gets the hard work done. Or the Again and Again adjustable cock ring. While you’re at it, use the Sensation 20 function mini male vibrator to give your strokes that extra sensation.


Nipple clamps are an integral part of some BDSM activities. Fifty Shades of Grey carries several clamps that you can enjoy during sensation play or use as a tool for punishment. There’s the elegant Play Nice satin and lace collar with a nipple clamp. These are adjustable nipple clamps with quick-release lobster clasps. Another collared option is the Sweet Anticipation reversible collar nipple clamps. This beautiful padded collar is ideal for bondage beginners. Then there’s The Pinch. These are weighted with metal weights for added sensations.

At My Mercy is for those who have very sensitive nipples that can climax by stimulating that erogenous zone. This chained nipple clamp is so easy to use but so sinfully effective.

Clamps aren’t just for nipples. You can put one on your clit too. The Just Sensation Beaded clitoral clamp comes with weighted beads to deliver that thrilling tugging feeling. It also heightens the sensitivity of the area, resulting in a more intense orgasm.

Anal beads

Anal play will never be the same with Pleasure Intensified silicone anal beads. Slip these beads inside you to rev up that sensitive erogenous zone and take your arousal to another level. Pull it out as you climax to intensify and prolong the pleasure.

Finger toys

Level up your stroke game with the Secret Touching finger ring vibrator. This small device can be your secret weapon to make yourself or your partner climax like never before. Other finger-assisted toys are the Sensation rechargeable G-spot vibrator and Sensation Rechargeable finger vibrator.


No Fifty Shades-inspired play is complete without the masks. The Masks on Masquerade is a pair of beautifully crafted, embellished masks that are the ideal accessories for any fancy dress or role play. Take on a new role and bring a new level of excitement to your sexual adventure.


For a simple and comfortable fit, go for the silky-soft No Peeking blindfold set. You can use this as a sleeping mask too. Similarly designed but with a lace accent is the Play Nice Satin and Lace blindfold.

But if you’re looking for something a little more sturdy, you can never go wrong with a faux leather blindfold. Bound To You is a plain black option with a fur lining. Sweet Anticipation is a reversible blindfold with a rose print on one side. This one is padded for a more comfortable fit. Both are adjustable to ensure perfect sight deprivation.

Bras and knickers

A nice bra and knicker set never fails to bring out the inner goddess in the bedroom. The Fifty Shades Black Lace Keyhole bra set is no exception. This flatters the curves and offers teasing glimpses of the skin. It pairs well with your favorite pair of stockings. It comes in Plus Size too.

You can also get just the Lace Suspender thongs if you already have the bra to go with it. Or, pair the top with the Lace Pearl shorts. This doesn’t just look good. It also feels good with the strand of beads along the gusset for that secret stimulation. Looking for something romantic? Level up your lingerie game with the Wine Chiffon High Neck basque set, This unique long-sleeved top with an open front is a dreamy set.


Captivate is a fetish-inspired clothing line that is designed to make you look good. Part of the line is the Flocked Mesh dress and harness set. This semi-sheer mini dress with a removable harness is a show-stopper that is perfect for showing off your figure. It has gold rings and elasticated straps where you can attach cuffs and other restraints.

Black lace brings a certain level of allure whenever it’s worn. Fifty Shades offers a line of black lace outfits that highlights all your best assets. One amazing-looking mini dress is the Black Lace Long Sleeve that has whorls of lace dancing over your every curve. You can get this in a Plus Size. Another lacy option but with an open rear is the scandalously short Black Lace Spanking mini dress. It also has a Plus Size option.

Body stockings and suits

Body stockings are another amazing option to showcase your sex appeal. The Black Lace Crotchless bodystocking offers a basque-effect, fishnet, and lace combo that highlights all your sexy bits. It also comes in Plus Size.

For a more feminine feel, check out the Lace Spanking body stocking with its floral lace and fishnet design. This has a rear cut-out and open gusset that exposes the bottom and other areas down there. Just like the others, this has a Plus Size option.

The Fifty Shades spanking tights are just like your regular tights until you turn and expose your bare booty. This silky smooth pair of tights are comfortable yet sexy options that are ideal for spanking play. You can also get it in Plus size.

Another popular option is the Wet look crotchless body suit that does wonders for showcasing your curves. It has an adjustable halterneck that highlights the cleavage and exposes the bottom for your spanking session. Other options with this wet look material are the Halterneck Crotchless body and Crotchless bra set, which both come in Plus Size.

Bondage gear

A pair of sturdy handcuffs is essential for any couple exploring their sexual limits. You.Are.Mine is a pair of lockable handcuffs with a quick-release feature. Attach it to your harness or the bedpost and relinquish control. Looking for something less industrial-looking? The Bound To You faux leather wrist cuffs may be more to your liking. These padded cuffs prevent scuffing, so you don’t get hurt during your play.

Wanting to experience full-body bondage? There are a few options offered by Fifty Shades. One is the Bound To You faux leather hogtie. This elegant restraint is made from faux leather with antique gold-finish details. Another is the Hard Limits bed restraint kit. This is a beginner-friendly set that allows you to completely restrain all the limbs securely to any bed.

No bed posts? No problem. The Sweet Anticipation restraint set is an under-the-mattress set that is easy to set up and can transform your room into an exciting playground in minutes. Or you can go old-school and tie your partner up with the Restrain Me bondage rope. This is a total of 10 meters of silky, zero-stretch restraint.

Whips, Paddles, and Ticklers

If you are preparing for your first foray into the experience of impact play, getting a good-quality paddle is something you must do. The Bound to You double-sided spanking paddle delivers the perfect sting with its faux leather side. Then you can use the furry side to soothe the area. Its gold lettering and vegan leather will add opulence to your first spanking session. This also comes in a smaller size.

For a more precise hit, there’s the Bound to You faux leather riding crop. This slender beauty delivers that satisfying audible crack that leaves a tingling pleasure. There’s also Sweet Sting in a sleek silver and black combo.

For a hearty slap or a softer thwack, choose the Sweet Anticipation reversible round paddle. This beautiful handcrafted spanking paddle brings luxury to any impact play. One side has the satin finish and the other a faux leather one to deliver the type of spanks to get you going.

The Bound to You Faux Leather Small Flogger is another sumptuous option for impact play. This mini vegan flogger can also be used to tickle you or your partner. It also comes in regular size. There’s also the Please, Sir flogger, which comes in a metallic grey appearance. The faux leather flogger whip can deliver sharp licks or teasing strokes.

Enhance your foreplay or make your partner submit with the Tease feather tickler. It is the ideal equipment for beginners in sensory play. You can also go with something red and fluffy like the Sweet Anticipation faux feather tickler. This gorgeous tickler will awaken all of your nerve endings for a more intense full-body arousal.

Last but not least among the sensory toys is the Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel. This versatile toy is designed to tease each one of your (or your lover’s nerve endings) making you super sensitive and ready for more.

Lubricants and oils

A sensual massage is a great way to explore your (or your partner’s) body. Make the experience more pleasurable by using the Play Nice vanilla massage oil. It provides a smooth glide that can intensify any foreplay and allow you to get up close with the different erogenous zones. Use this with the Play Nice body massager for a deeper massage. Build on the atmosphere by lighting a Play Nice vanilla-scented candle.

Enhance your plays, whether it’s with a partner or by yourself, with Ready for Anything. This water-based lubricant will leave you slippery and ready for anything. Use it on your partner or a sex toy to make the glide effortlessly pleasurable. For anal play, use the thicker lubricant, At Ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BDSM?

BDSM is an abbreviation for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism, and masochism. It elevates your play with a consensual power exchange that adds excitement to your bedroom fun. In BDSM, one partner usually plays a more dominant role during sex while the other plays a more submissive role. The numerous styles of BDSM include power play, role-playing, pain play, bondage, wax play, edging, sensory deprivation, or humiliation.

How do I choose my BDSM equipment?

We understand that choosing from the array of equipment can be confusing. It would be helpful if you could identify what scenes you want to reenact during your play. From there, you’d be able to narrow down the toys and equipment you’d need to buy. For example, if you and your partner would like to do a teacher and bratty student role-play, you’d probably need a whip or a paddle.

Is BDSM really safe?

Every activity always comes with a level of risk. BDSM can be performed safely. Incidents resulting from BDSM plays are rarer than from other sexual activities. Of course, it can only be safe if you educate yourself well and observe closely all the safeguards meant to protect you and your partner. You can reduce any risks by establishing a safeword and interrupting all activities when it is used. You should also agree to only perform it when all parties are sober. Setting limits in advance is also a good way to ensure the safety of the dom and the sub.

Did you know?

Fifty Shades of Grey toys are now available in the Philippines, thanks to our sex shop! We believe in empowering every woman to take control of her sex life – and exploring her wilder side through kink and BDSM can be a valid part of that journey. If you want to check out more of the collection, you can scroll up to find the toys in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” catalog on our site.

Every package can be delivered directly to your doorstep. We guarantee discreet packaging with no reference to the parcel's contents or our brand name. The only one who will be excited about the parcel is you!

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